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Center for Vaccine Development

The Saint Louis University Center for Vaccine Development is a multi-disciplinary research center designed to conduct basic and clinical research on new vaccines and biologics.

We are always looking for volunteers of any age, race or gender.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vaccine and how do they work?

A vaccine is a substance that stimulates the body's protective immune response. Vaccines prevent disease by producing antibodies (substances made by your body to prevent infections) and by producing cells that can fight the cause of the disease. 

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How does payment for study participation work?  

You are paid according to the study guidelines. Your payment is usually mailed to you and usually takes about two weeks to issue.

May I participate in more than one study at a time?  

You may participate in only one study with an investigational product, at a time. If you are in a study that only involves monitoring, you may be able to participate in our study also. Please ask us and we will advise you.

May I donate blood while in a study?
You must contact the organization you plan to donate blood to and see if you meet their eligibility guidelines. Please remember to remind them that you are participating in a research vaccine study. Usually, you will be asked to wait one year after receiving an investigational vaccine, before donating blood. 
Will the Center for Vaccine Development provide licensed vaccines for the general public?  
No.  The Center for Vaccine Development focuses on conducting research vaccine studies. To obtain licensed vaccines, please contact your physician or the health department. 
How can I learn about your new studies? 
 You can join our database/mailing list. A letter or e-mail announcing a new study is sent to those on our mailing list.  We do not sell or distribute your information to third-parties.

Goals and Mission 

Our Goals 

  • To educate volunteers in health promotion and infectious disease prevention.
  • To conduct research in accordance with good clinical practices.
  • To become a community leader and role model in research.
  • To protect the rights and dignity of our volunteers.
  • To help decrease the cost of health care through primary prevention of infectious disease.

Our Mission

The Center for Vaccine Development is a highly-motivated research team of specialized and diversified health care professionals dedicated to individuals in the St. Louis community and surrounding metropolitan area. We promote health for the greater good of humanity through research to improve vaccinations that prevent diseases for people of all ages. The community works with us to conduct Phase I - Phase IV research studies with government and private pharmaceutical companies.