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SLU-Belize Project Partners


The SLU-Belize Project, in conjunction with Belize 2020, could not be possible without the generous support of many organizations and communities, from both Belize and Saint Louis University, and beyond.  The following are current members of the partnership:

  • St. Martin's parish and school, serving 700 youth in grades K-8.
  • Ministry of Education, Belize
  • St. John's College, Belize City
  • Saint Louis University students, faculty, and staff representing the following areas:
    • Center for Service and Community Engagement
    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • College of Education and Public Service
    • College for Public Health and Social Justice
    • Department of Campus Ministry
    • Doisy College of Health Sciences
    • John Cook School of Business and the Service-Leadership Program
  • St. Louis community members and alumni, including Tom and Maureen Nolan (founders of Access Academies), John and Joan Vatterott (of the Vatterott Foundation), Dave and Nancy Danis (of the Danis Foundation) and Mark and Mary Jo LaBarge.
  • Central and Southern Province of the Society of Jesus (Fr. Ron Mercier, S.J. - Superior)

A special thank-you to the Office of the Provost (Dr. nancy Brickhouse), Mission and Identity (Fr. Chris Collins, S.J.), and Student Development (Dr. Kent Porterfield) for their generous support of time and resources.

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