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Welcome to the home of Saint Louis University's partnership with Belize 2020 and the people of St. Martin's Jesuit parish and school, located in Belize City! 

Drums Not Guns
SLU is blessed to work with such an amazing community of people.  The children of St. Martin's school are victims of an environment of crime, drugs, and violence in the surrounding neighborhoods, and many are struggling to complete school. St. Martin's is a Jesuit parish serving the very poor of Belize City, and is a part of the Central and Southern Province of the Society of Jesus, of which Saint Louis University is also a member. Given Saint Louis University's mission of Service to Humanity, as well as its current and past partnerships with the people of Belize, we are committed to working with the people of St. Martin's and the surrounding communities in a spirit of solidarity that emanates from a faith that promotes justice.

To learn more about the Belize 2020 program, visit their website!  Be sure to also like them on Facebook!

What's New? Logos

  • Belize 2020 Retreat: Called into Friendship for the Sake of Mission

    From January 27th-February 1st, 25 people from St. Louis, inlcuding staff and alumni of Saint Louis University and representatives of the Jesuit U.S. Central and Southern Province, will join with the people of St. Martins parish and school, administrators from St. John's College, and leaders across the country of Belize for a retreat to deepen relationships, evaluate progress, and chart the future. 

    Stay tuned for photos and details!

  • 1 Credit Course and Immersion Trip To Belize!

    In the Spring 2016 semester, we will be teaching a course on Belize and the immersion experience. Following the completion of this course, students will have the opportunity to join in a 2 week-long immersion experience in Belize City with the St. Martin de Porres parish and community. For more information, please contact John Burke at  or Justin Vilbig at
  • Solidarity Signing Ceremony

    On October 21st, Belize 2020, in conjunction with Saint Louis University and U.S. Central and Southern Province of the Jesuits, conducted a signing ceremony, committing their organizations to working in solidarity with the people of St. Martins and Belize.  Dr. Pestello (SLU President), Fr. Ron Mercier (Provincial for the Society of Jesus, and Fr. Matt Ruhl (Pastor at St. Martins) all signed a document on behalf of their organizations.

    Over 125 people attended - read more and see pictures by clicking here!

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