Saint Louis University

1.) When will students typically be working?

The schedules of the students may vary greatly; however, they are generally flexible, and can usually adapt to when you would need them. During the fall semester, expect the students to begin working around mid-September through the end of November. During the Spring semester, students will be typically available from late January through the end of April.

2.) How many hours of service will the students be doing?

While it is up to the individual professor, typically the service experience will require anywhere between 15-30 hours for the semester.

3.) How will I know what the faculty member's expectations are?

Your expectations will be explained to you before the service begins, either by the course professor or by one of the staff members from the Center for Service and Community Engagement.

4.) Will I know what the course objectives are?

You are more than welcome to a copy of the course syllabus - this is actually a great way to figure out a position that will meet the needs of your organization and also be beneficial to the student. If you work with a faculty member, he/she will share the syllabus with you. Students can also other provide you a copy of the course syllabus and the service-learning requirements.

5.) What if students don't show up for the required times?

If a student does not show up for a scheduled session, or if you have other concerns, please contact the faculty member directly or Leah Sweetman at (314)-977-4214 and she will discuss the matter with the faculty member.