Saint Louis University

Sometimes the differences between a service-learner and a regular volunteer are not always clear. The important thing to remember is that service-learning, while providing an avenue to perform community service with your agency, also places an equal amount of emphasis on the student's academic objectives. The students' experiences with your organization will be the "course text", and they will be relating their experiences to what they are studying in class.

When you become a community partner with Saint Louis University's Center for Service and Community Engagement, you are our partner in the education of our students. It is designed to be a true collaboration, in that you are providing the student with a hands-on learning experience. Without you as our partner, the program would not work, so thank you in advance for all your effort and hard work!

What Does Service-Learning Require?

  • Designate someone from your agency as the contact person for students
  • Provide meaningful service experiences, either directly with the clients you serve, or indirectly "behind the scenes" 
  • Give a basic orientation to all of the students who will be working for you 
  • Provide basic supervision for the students 
  • Be accessible to answer questions from the students or faculty that pertain to the service-learning experience
  • Maintain strong, open lines of communication.

Our staff is here to help in whatever way possible!