Semester Timetable

Recommended Semester Timetable

This general outline will give you the basic steps needed for a successful service-learning project in your course.

  • Before Semester Begins: Define learning objectives to connect the service project to your course. Contact Leah Sweetman (977-4214) or to discuss course and devise a plan. The Center for Service and Community Engagement has plenty of resources to help build meaningful service into your course syllabus. Meet with Leah or Bobby Wassel (977-2041) or to review potential community partners, or utilize our Community Partners Database. Contact the Office of the Registrar - - to have your course designated Service-Learning in Banner Class Schedule.
  • Beginning of Semester: Bobby and Leah are available to speak to your classes to provide background information on service-learning, along with community partner information, reflection questions, as well as other resources.
  • During Semester: Provide reflection opportunities relating the service to your course content including group discussions, journals, essays, art, poster presentations, etc. Monitor student participation. Check in with Bobby and Leah with any questions, concerns, or advice.
  • End of Semester: If the service-learning project included a set number of required hours, have your students submit their Service-Learning Hours Forms. Feel free to share the best reflection papers, projects, or your syllabus for inclusion on our Website.
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