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1.) How does service-learning work with my class?

The service work that you do with a particular community partner acts as a "course text". In addition to lectures and the normal texts for the class, your experience is also part of the academic learning. The specifics of your service-learning experience will be communicated in your course syllabus.

2.) How will I be graded for the service-learning component?

There are a variety of different ways that your professor may make this experience a part of your grade. In addition to the service you perform and the reflection that follows, you may be expected to write a paper relating your experience to the course theories or objectives. Or, if you are working on a particular project for a community partner, you may be graded on the quality of the project itself. Grading information should be included in your course syllabus.

3.) What kind of service would I do?

We have a Community Partners Database that includes hundreds of agencies willing to work with students in service-learning courses. Your professor may already have sites that will correlate with your course. Your service experience could be anything from working with children, to helping an organization with a marketing or public relations strategy, to researching and writing reports for an agency to further its mission.

4.) How many hours of service would I do?

While it is up to your professor, typically your service experience will require anywhere between 15-30 hours for the semester.

5.) How will I get to and from my service site?

Many of the sites are located within walking distance of campus; however, some are farther away. The vast majority of these are along a MetroBus or MetroLink route. For ones that are not, you will need access to a car, or carpool with another student. Some sites may not even require you to go there on a regular basis, but instead work from campus (e.g. doing online research).

6.) What happens if I am unable to go to my site on a scheduled day?

If you will be absent from a day of service, you must contact your site and inform them of your situation. Your professor may wish to be contacted as well.

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