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Overview of Service Learning at SLU

WHAT is Service Learning?

Service learning at Saint Louis University furthers course learning objectives across the curriculum while also fostering a consciousness of social justice that promotes the common good. The service-learning experience allows for reciprocal learning in which the students and faculty gain wisdom and insight from the community, and the community benefits from the service that the students and faculty provide. Guided reflection allows faculty and students to integrate the service experience with the academic content of the course and the Ignatian mission of the University.

WHY Service Learning?

As a Jesuit institution, Saint Louis University puts a great deal of emphasis on service to the community. Last year, students, faculty, and staff performed over 1 million hours of service work to the greater St. Louis community. But more than this, our mission statement calls all of us, faculty, students and staff, to be men and women for others. Service learning allows us to adhere to this calling, through many ways:

• Enhancing students' learning through empowering them to use the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to be of service to others.
• Assisting community organizations in meeting their needs, while at the same time, allowing them to act as a "co-teacher" for our students. They become community partners, and are vital collaborators in the learning process.
• Enabling faculty to give their students meaningful learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.


Higher purpose. Greater good.
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