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Below are written and video reflections from students who have participated in various Interfaith and Service Challenge events.  Join us to have your own interfaith and service experience - visit our Calendar of Events to learn more! 

Click here to read a student's reflection on Interfaith issues!

Click here to read a student's reflection on the recent SLU Interfaith Prayer Service!

  • "Gandhi Service Day was a fun and interactive event! It was nice to perform service, and later have a discussion tying the service event to Gandhi and other service leaders around the world."
  • "I now wear my Live the Oath button every day and carry a copy of the oath in my purse. I love it when people ask me about my button!" 
  • "[MSA's Fast-A-Thon] was a great event that gave me an awareness of both muslim tradition and of fasting."


Live The Oath - Sara Rahim



Muslim Student Association Fast-A-Thon