Becoming an 1818 Coordinator

The 1818 high school coordinator is foundational to the success of students participating in the program and creating a college-going culture.

The high school coordinator helps ensure the success of a partner high school and its students in the 1818 Advanced College Credit program.

Applying to Be Your School's Coordinator

To be approved as your high school's official coordinator, consult with your administration. Upon their approval:

  1. Fill out the high school coordinator application
  2. Email the completed application to the 1818 program office.

The 1818 program will review your packet and will set up your necessary credentials, profiles, access and tools to manage the high school's program. The coordinator should also register for New Partner Orientation and the Summer Symposium.

Role of a Coordinator

Responsibilities of the coordinator include:

  • Facilitating the program at the respective high school.
  • Ensuring the program in the high school meets all set policies and guidelines.
  • Advising students through the registration process, dropping courses, changing registrations and other tasks.
  • Answering student questions about eligibility, tuition payments and grades.
  • Communicating school changes, such as adding or removing courses or personnel turnover.