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Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics

About the Center

How should we define "death"? Who should decide when to withdraw life-sustaining treatment? How should we allocate donated organs? At Saint Louis University’s Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics, these aren’t just abstract questions. They form the foundation of our research and practice.

We examine these topics from a theoretical perspective, as well as a practical one. We study cases from all areas of health care: nursing, medicine, public health and clinical research. And we serve faith-based health care institutions through consultations and educational programs, helping them to better treat patients.

As part of an effort to fulfill our mission as a premier Jesuit institution, the Center for Health Care Ethics is dedicated to excellence in both secular and religious discourse.


Academic Areas


number of majors represented by students pursuing the health care ethics minor.


of current graduate students have at least one publication.


job placement rate for alumni of the Ph.D. program.


number of colleges in which Center for Health Care Ethics faculty teach courses.