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Today, nearly 25 percent of the world’s population speaks Chinese. China and the rest of Southeast Asia is a growing hub of business opportunities. As one of the largest trade partners of the U.S., China is in a unique position to augment the international employment landscape.

An idiographic and tonal language, Chinese exercises your brain in a different way than English does, helping to add another dimension to the way you think.

Saint Louis University offers a minor in Chinese language, with Chinese language courses offered at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels to meet the language requirements of all students at Saint Louis University.

Director: Dr. Lili Guo


Courses are offered in Chinese language and culture, including oral and written proficiency.

  • CHIN 1010: Communicating in Chinese I
    Introduction to Chinese language and culture: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Emphasis on the acquisition of communicative and intercultural skills. 
  • CHIN 1020: Communicating in Chinese II
    Prerequisite: CHIN 1010
    Continuation of CHIN 1010. Expansion of all language skills, enabling the student to function in simple situations related to immediate needs, personal interests and daily life. 
  • CHIN 2010: Intermediate Chinese: Language and Culture 
    Prerequisite: CHIN 1020
    Continuation of CHIN 1020. Further practice in and development of all language skills, enabling the students to function in an increased number of areas. Materials and discussion relating to Chinese culture. 
  • CHIN 2020 Intermediate Chinese: Language and Culture
    Prerequisite: CHIN 2010 or placement.
    Continued practice in all skills. Review of more challenging grammar patterns and extensive conversational practice. Refining of communicative strategies for accurate expression of ideas. Readings in discussions of Chinese culture.
  • CHIN 3010: Oral and Written Proficiency in Chinese I 
    Prerequisite: CHIN 2020
    Builds on acquired knowledge of Chinese language and culture. Review and refinement of grammar skills, development of written and oral communication skills and strategies. Reading and discussion of authentic language materials (articles, videos, recordings, etc.). 
  • CHIN 3020: Oral and Written Proficiency in Chinese II
    Prerequisite: CHIN 3010
    Continuation of CHIN 3010. Further development of oral and written expression leading to the ability to handle with confidence a wide variety of social situations and writing needs. 
  • CHIN 3930: Special Topics
    Prerequisite: CHIN 3020
    This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to the cultural comparison between China and U.S., including: education, art and music, and social relationships. This is appropriate for both American and Chinese students. All majors can use this course to meet elective requirements.