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The Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics (CHCE) is an independent academic unit that reports to the Vice President for Health Sciences at Saint Louis University. CHCE is committed to excellence in teaching, service, and research in bioethics.


Salus CenterWe are dedicated to excellence in both secular and religious discourse. As a part of Saint Louis University, a premier Jesuit institution, the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics brings the Catholic, Jesuit tradition into interdisciplinary discourse with health care. This mission commits us to religious as well as secular philosophical and legal bioethics discourse. Our modes of discourse reflect our traditions of service. The Center has a long history of serving faith-based health care institutions through consultations and educational programs. It also engages in government-funded research projects and the education of students with varied worldviews.

Our faculty and programs are interdisciplinary. The Center's full-time faculty includes people with terminal degrees in law, medicine, philosophy, psychology, and theology. Affiliated faculty additionally hold terminal degrees in health care ethics, public health, and research methodology. Health care ethics has become its own field, but much like the field of public health, it will always require expertise across many disciplines.

Our educational programs emphasize the development of professional skills. Reading the literature in bioethics does not require mastery of ancient languages, but it does require mastery of search engines and databases like Medline, knowledge of medical terminology, and reading knowledge of research methods and statistics. Students in the PhD Program are required to develop these research skills while completing coursework on philosophical, religious, and interdisciplinary methods in ethics and on the legal, administrative, and medical contexts of the field. Doctoral students may additionally pursue concentrations in empirical research methods, research ethics, or catholic health care ethics to further develop skills.

The Center offers three dual-degree programs: MD/PhD, JD/PhD and MA/PhD. These dual degree programs enable students to pursue the PhD in health care ethics while completing professional training in law or medicine.

We are a self-standing academic unit. We are an independent academic unit that reports to the Vice President for Health Sciences at Saint Louis University. In addition to collaborating with faculty in other departments and local corporate ethicists, CHCE has its own full-time faculty of health care ethicists.

bullet Teaching

We offer a PhD in Health Care Ethics to prepare individuals for careers in academic, corporate, research and clinical bioethics settings. Click here to read about what makes our interdisciplinary bioethics PhD distinctive. Departmental faculty also teach the ethics component in most professional degree programs at Saint Louis University.

bullet Service

Our faculty serve on university and local institutional review boards and ethics committees. Many faculty serve in government-sponsored programs: NIH scientific review committees, data safety monitoring boards, and expert panels (Institute of Medicine, NASA, and Office of Research Integrity). They also provide clinical consultations by arrangement. Health Care Ethics faculty serve as the Editors-in-Chief of the Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics journal and serve on the editorial boards of many other journals.

bullet Research

Our faculty and PhD students regularly publish in health care and bioethics. Faculty have held grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Office of Research Integrity, and several foundations, including the Mayday and Templeton Foundations.


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