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Jeffrey P. Bishop, MD, PhD

Selected Publications


Selected Books

The Anticipatory Corpse: Medicine, Power, and the Care of the Dying (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2011).

Selected Articles

  • Bishop, Jeffrey P., "Scientia Mortis and The Ars Moriendi," Health Humanities Reader, edited by Therese Jones, Delease Wear, and Lester Friedman (forthcoming)
  • Bishop, Jeffrey P., "On the Social Construction of Clinical Ethics Consultation," Bioethics Critically Reconsidered: Having Second Thoughts, edited by Tristram H. Engelhardt (forthcoming)
  • Bishop, Jeffrey P., "Of Life Worlds and Health Savings Accounts: Toward a Familial Philosophy of Health Care Financing" Medicine and Philosophy (A Chinese Journal of Medicine and Philosophy) (2012)
  • Bishop, Jeffrey P., "Science, Virtue, and the Birth of Modernity, or On the Techno-Theo-Logic of Modern Neuroscience," The Science of Modern Virtue, edited by Marc Guerra and Peter Lawler (2012)
  • Bishop, Jeffrey P. and Daniel R. Morrison. "The Roman Catholic Church, Biopolitics, and the Vegetative State" Christian Bioethics (2011) 17(2): 165-184 first published online September 9, 2011 doi:10.1093/cb/cbr012
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop and Joshua E. Perry "Life, Death (Panels), and the Body Politic" Syracuse Law Review January 2010.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Transhumanism, Metaphysics, and the Posthuman God," Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 2010;35(6): PP. doi:10.1093/jmp/jhq047
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, Joseph B. Fanning, and Mark J. Bliton. "Echo Calling Narcissus: What Exceeds the Gaze of Clinical Ethics Consultation?" HEC Forum 2010;22(2):73-84. doi:10.1007/s10730-010-9123-8.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, Kyle Brothers, Joshua Perry, Ayesha Ahmad. "Reviving the conversation around CPR/DNR: Have the policies outlived their utility." American Journal of Bioethics 2010;10(1):61-67.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Biopsychosociospiritual Medicine and Other Political Schemes." Christian Bioethics 2009;15(3):254-276.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, Joseph B. Fanning, and Mark J. Bliton. "Of Goals and Goods and Floundering About: A Dissensus Report on Clinical Ethics Consultation," HEC Forum 2009;21(3):275-291.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Foucauldian Diagnostics: Space, Time, and the Metaphysics of Medicine." Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 2009;34(4):328-349.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Biopolitics, Terri Schiavo, and the Sovereign Subject of Death." Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 2008;33(6):338-357.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, Philipp W. Rosemann, and Frederick W. Schmidt. "Fides Ancilla Medicinae: On the Ersatz Liturgy of Death in Biopsychosociospiritual Medicine." Heythrop Journal 2008;49 (1): 20-43.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Rejecting Medical Humanism." Journal of Medical Humanities. 2008;29(1):15-25.
    Wendy Jane Gagen and Jeffrey P Bishop. "Ethics, Justification and the Prevention of Spina Bifida." Journal of Medical Ethics 2007;33(9):501-507.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop and Charlotte Rees. "Hero or has been: What is the future of altruism in medical education." Applied Health Sciences Education Research 2007;12(3):391-399.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, and Fabrice Jotterand. "Bioethics as biopolitics." Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 2006;31(3):205-212.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Framing euthanasia" Journal of Medical Ethics 2006;32(4):225-228.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Euthanasia, efficiency, and the historical distinction between killing a patient and allowing a patient to die" Journal of Medical Ethics 2006;32(4):220-224.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, and Victor Stenger. "Retroactive prayer: Lots of History, Not much mystery and No Science." British Medical Journal 2004;329:1444-1446.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Modern Liberalism, Female Circumcision and the Rationality of Traditions." Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 2004;29(4):473-497.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Prayer, Science and the Moral Life of Medicine" Archives of Internal Medicine 2003;163:1405-1408.
    Frederick Grinnell, Jeffrey P. Bishop, and Laurence B. McCullough, "Bioethical Pluralism and Complementarity." Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 2002;45(3): 338-349.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Creating Narratives in the Clinical Encounter." Medical Humanities Review 2000;14(1):10-23.
  • Jeffrey P. Bishop, "Mind-Body Unity: Gregory of Nyssa and a Surprising Fourth Century C.E. Perspective." Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 2000;43(4): 519-529.


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