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October 30, 2009
Distinguished Lecturer Series
Laurence B. McCullough, PhD, Dalton Tomlin Chair in Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Baylor College of Medicine
"Taking Professional
Conscience Seriously"
Noon, School of Law Courtroom

November 6-7, 2009
30 Years of Health Care Ethics—An Anniversary Symposium of the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics At Saint Louis University
Multiple Locations and times, please see our site for more details.

February 25, 2010
HCE Lecture:
John J. Hardt, PhD, Assistant Professor, Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy, Loyola University Chicago,
3:30 p.m., Location: TBA

Faculty Snapshot

HCE Faculty Staff 2009
Back row: James DuBois, Michele Langowski, Griffin Trotter, Daniel Bustillos; Front row: Pamela Amsler, Ana Iltis, Jill Burkemper.

We all need to feel loved sometimes. We asked our faculty to tell us something they love about working in the Center. Below are their responses along with a brief snapshot of their work and roles.

James M. DuBois, PhD, DSc Hubert Mäder Chair of Health Care Ethics Department Chair and Bander Center Director

"I love the way my job integrates many different things—research and mentoring doctoral students, theoretical and empirical investigation, secular and faith-based discourse, and service in clinical and policy settings. To top it all off, I feel extremely fortunate to work with colleagues whom I respect and enjoy."
Courses Taught: HCE-G604 Interdisciplinary Research in Health Care Ethics; HCE-G637 Psychological Issues in Health Care Ethics; HCE-G652 Directed Empirical Research in Bioethics

Representative Publications: Ethics in Mental Health Research (New York: Oxford University Press, 2008); DuBois, J.M., Waterman, A., Iltis, A., Anderson, J., "Is Rapid Organ Recovery a Good Idea? An Exploratory Study of the Public's Knowledge and Attitudes," American Journal of Transplantation, 9, (2009): 2392-2399; DuBois, J.M., Dueker, J.M., "Teaching and Assessing the Responsible Conduct of Research: A Delphi Consensus Panel Report," Journal of Research Administration, XL, 1, (2009): 49-70.

Service Projects: Ethics consultant at St. Anthony's Medical Center; Chair of the Educational Materials Committee of the NIH Clinical Research Ethics Working Group; Member of the United Network for Organ Sharing Ethics Committee


Michele K. Langowski, MA, JD
Assistant Professor, Director of Continuing Education

"Having spent most of my life at Jesuit institutions, I cherish the distinctiveness of a Jesuit education. The academic rigor, which focuses on educating the whole person, prepares students to meet the challenges of professional life, but also to be leaders in the service of others, to create a more humane and just world and promote the common good."
Courses Taught: HCE-G613 Clinical Ethics; NURS-503 Ethics in Nursing and Health Care; HCE-G501 Foundations of Clinical Ethics; HCE-G503 Foundations for Catholic Health Care Ethics; IPE-370 Health Care Ethics.

Research/Publishing: My current interests center on issues related to clinical ethics, quality patient care in a global context, and the provision of health care as a moral imperative. My recent research and publishing includes: Visiting Scholar Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics, University of Padova; Associate Editor, Health Care Ethics USA; Co-Editor of a special issue of the journal HEC Forum, focusing on ethical issues in medical volunteer work (forthcoming).

Service Projects: Clinical Ethics Consulting, for instance, Ethics Consultant at Memorial Hospital. In terms of service to the University, I am a member of the biomedical Institutional Review Board, and have been integrally involved in the IPE program's El Salvador Medical Service Mission since its inception, which provides continuing education to Salvadoran health professionals and health promoters.


Griffin Trotter, MD, PhD
Professor of Health Care Ethics

"Graduate teaching is like bathing in the fountain of youth—immersing professors in the creativity, enthusiasm and perceptions of fresher intellects; relieving the arthiritic constrictions of old habits and expired dogmas."
Courses Taught: HCE-G601 Methods in Philosophical Ethics; HCE-G611 Introduction to Medicine for Ethicists; HCE-G634 Ethics in Health Care Reform

Representative Publications: The Ethics of Coercion in Mass Casualty Medicine (Johns Hopkins University, 2007); Edited special edition of The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy on the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Humanities; "The Illusion of Legitimacy: Two Assumptions that Corrupt Health Policy Deliberation." Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 33 (October 2008): 445-460.

Service Projects: Member, National Academy of Sciences Standing Committee on Biodefense, which advises the U.S. Department of Defense; Member of the Missouri Pandemic Preparedness Consortium; President, Josiah Royce Society; Bander Center for Medical Business Ethics


Dan Bustillos JD, PhD
Assistant Professor

"I love the great diversity of students and faculty that make the scholarship and collegiality of the Center dynamic and stimulating. Our community of scholars lends itself to deep and satisfying discussion—even, and perhaps especially when, we disagree."
Teaching: Medical Humanities, Understanding in Cross-cultural Clinical Contexts, Ethical Issues in Public Health, Informed Consent and Surrogate Decision-making, Summer Capstone writing course, Genetic Privacy, and Ethics and Policy of Health Administration.

Research/Publishing: My current interests revolve around the issue of health disparities in medicine. As such, I have recently researched and written on topics such as Limited English Proficiency in health care, disparities in clinical trials, cultural competency, and the issue of race in research.

Service: I am a member of several service projects, taskforces and committees such as the Missouri Pandemic Preparedness Ethics Planning Taskforce, the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities, the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences protocol review committee and the Texas Cervical Cancer Initiative Policy Taskforce. I also help to organize and advise in Saint Louis University's Medical Humanities Certificate program.


Ana S. Iltis, PhD
Associate Professor, PhD Program Director

"I love the combination of work we do—we have a great balance between teaching, engaging in research, and providing service to the University in general and the Medical Center in particular."
Teaching: I teach two graduate seminars in Health Care Ethics, Applied Methods in Health Care Ethics and Research Ethics. Graduate level teaching also involves a great deal of individual mentoring, and this is a very rewarding aspect of what we do in HCE. Whether it's mentoring class papers, helping students revise papers for conference presentations or publication, or working with students as they write their dissertations, much of the teaching we do is one-on-one. I also very much enjoy my grant-related teaching responsibilities, which involves teaching health professionals engaged in human subjects research.

Research/Publications: I am interested in a number of issues related to the ethical conduct of research and I'm committed to conducting both theoretical and empirical research in this area. For example, I'm currently collaborating with faculty in the School of Medicine on a study about how IRBs evaluate research risks. I'm also working on a book looking at the framework for research oversight and review. Some of my recent publications include: 'Points to Consider: The relationship between research ethics consultation and institutional review boards.' Accepted for publication in IRB: Ethics and Human Research. Authors: Laura Beskow, Christine Grady, Ana Iltis, John Sadler and Benjamin Wilfond. 'Federal Interpretation and Enforcement of Protections for Vulnerable Participants in Human Research,' Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 2009, volume 4, number 1, pages 37-41. Co-authors: Anji Wall, Jason Lesandrini, Erica Rangel, John Chibnall.

Service Projects: My primary service to the University beyond service within our department is my work on the Institutional Review Board. I also am active in service to the profession through my work on Journals, such as the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, the Annals of Bioethics book series published by Routledge, and serve as a reviewer for numerous journals and other professional venues.


Jill Burkemper, PhD
Assistant Professor, Certificate Program Director

"In terms of what I most enjoy, what first comes to mind is the wit and humor of other faculty. Additionally, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the ethics education of the MSN students I teach. It seems many of these students have never taken much time critically to reflect upon the ethical issues related to their profession. It's a joy to see them grasp significant facts and distinctions related to the ethical care of patients."
Teaching: Ethics in Nursing and Health Care, Death and Dying: End of Life Decision Making (Certificate Program in Clinical Health Care Ethics), Capstone Project: Case Analysis (Certificate Program in Clinical Health Care Ethics).

Research/Publishing: As a part-time, adjunct member of faculty, rarely is research and publishing a part of my work. I've revised an ethics chapter of a text expected to be in print this upcoming February: "The Ethical Responsibility of the Nurse Leader." In Grohar-Murray, M.E. and Langan, J.C., Leadership and Management in Nursing (4th Edition). I've co-published a study funded by the National League for Nursing: "Ethics Education in MSN Programs: A Study of National Trends," Nursing Education Perspectives, vol. 28, no. 1 (2007).




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