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Fall 2010

Health Care Ethics Updates

Director's Corner:
A New Home

Center to Host Two Lectures

Faculty Spotlight:
Stephanie Solomon

SSRG Update

Dubois Receives Award

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November 5, 2010

CHCE Distinguished Lecturer
Amy M. Haddad, PhD

"Disparities of Power in
Health Care: Exploring the Ethical Implications"

3:00pm, Chase Park Plaza, Starlight Room

November 5, 2010

Bander Endowed Lecturer
Marcia Angell, MD

"Conflicts of Interest
in Medicine"

7:30am, LRC Auditorium,
SLU Medical Campus

Director's Corner: A New Home
Salus CenterWe have a new home. For many of us, it is literally a new home. We welcomed four new students into the Gnaegi Center's PhD program. They are settling in nicely and finding the lay of the land at Saint Louis University. Even though I arrived on July 1, I am not the newest member of our faculty. Stephanie Solomon arrived in September; she will be doing a lot of research ethics education and continuing her own research agenda into community engagement and ethics. The students, Stephanie and I are adjusting well to a new city and to finding our way around campus.
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Center to Host Two Lectures
The Center will host two lectures this Friday, November 5. At 7:30am Marcia Angell, MD will present "Conflicts of Interest in Medicine" as part of the Bander Endowed Lecture in the Learning Resource Center on the SLU Medical Campus. Additionally, Amy M. Haddad, PhD will present "Disparities of Power in Health Care: Exploring the Ethical Implications" for the CHCE Distinguished Lecture at 3:00pm at the Chase Park Plaza. Please mark your calendars for these very important events!

Faculty Spotlight: Stephanie Solomon
Stephanie SolomonThis fall the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics welcomed Dr. Stephanie Solomon to the faculty as Assistant Professor. She also maintains a secondary appointment in the Center for Clinical Research Ethics (CCRE) at Washington University's Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTS).
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Social Science Research Group Update
Q: What do the following questions share in common?
  • How can we enhance patients' understanding of complex information during the informed consent process (e.g., their possible randomization to various arms of a cancer drug trial)?
  • SSRG LogoHow can we increase rates of organ donation while respecting the ethical beliefs of most citizens and protecting public trust?
  • How can we change the environment of medicine to foster professionalism, optimal patient care, and the responsible use of limited resources?
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Jim DuBois Receives Rod Rose Award
James DuBois, DSc, PhD, the Hubert Mäder professor in the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics at Saint Louis University and Jeffrey Dueker, MPH, a third year medical student at SLU, received the 2010 Rod Rose Award for an article they wrote on instruction in the responsible conduct of research. They were recognized on Oct. 19 for their article that appeared in the fall 2009 issue of the Journal of Research Administration. For more information, click here.

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