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Director's Corner: A New Home

November 5, 2010

CHCE Distinguished Lecturer
Amy M. Haddad, PhD

"Disparities of Power in
Health Care: Exploring the Ethical Implications"

3:00pm, Chase Park Plaza, Starlight Room

November 5, 2010

Bander Endowed Lecturer
Marcia Angell, MD

"Conflicts of Interest
in Medicine"

7:30am, LRC Auditorium,
SLU Medical Campus

Director's Corner: A New Home

We have a new home. For many of us, it is literally a new home. We welcomed four new students into the Gnaegi Center’s PhD program. They are settling in nicely and finding the lay of the land at Saint Louis University. Even though I arrived on July 1, I am not the newest member of our faculty. Stephanie Solomon arrived in September; she will be doing a lot of research ethics education and continuing her own research agenda into community engagement and ethics. The students, Stephanie and I are adjusting well to a new city and to finding our way around campus.

In addition, the entire Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics has a new home both in terms of physical space and in the administrative structure. We moved from the quaint—though crowded—O’Brien House, tripling our space in the Salus Center. Our Graduate and Research Assistants now have office space to stretch out in. Our new space in Salus has also allowed us to entertain prospective students and to ensure them that we can provide them a new home within which to learn and to do research.

Still, the biggest move of all for the Gnaegi Center was an administrative move. With the closing of the Graduate School, we moved to a new administrative home under the VP for Health Sciences, Philip Alderson. This move has generated the most work for me as Center director and for the faculty in general. Given that we are no longer within a school or college, we had to create new structures that would do the things for us that a school or college would normally do.

With our new home, we have a couple of new initiatives. James DuBois is creating a new research group we are calling the Social Science Research Group (SSRG). This research group will work to foster empirical social scientific research in bioethics. In addition, after being asked by Sara van den Berg to offer elective courses for the Medical Humanities Certificate, we have been working diligently to have undergraduate elective offerings as early as the Spring 2011 semester.

Vibrant groups are always changing. The Gnaegi Center has undergone several changes because of its historic success. We are all settling very nicely and we are set to succeed in our new initiatives and in our mission to be a great home for teaching, service, and research.

—Jeffrey P. Bishop, MD, PhD
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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