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Health Care Ethics Updates
Health Care Ethics Updates


November 4, 2011.  
Bander Endowed Lecture
Bernard Lo, MD
7:30 AM.
LRC Auditorium.

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Faculty Spotlight: Erica K. Salter

Erica Salter, PhD
The Center for Health Care Ethics welcomed Erica K. Salter, PhD to the faculty this year. Dr. Salter is Instructor and Director of Undergraduate Education in Health Care Ethics. She oversees the PhD clinical practicum and teaches clinical ethics to PhD and nursing students. She has a degree in philosophy and cognitive science from Rice University, and completed her PhD in Health Care Ethics at St. Louis University in 2011.

Dr. Salter serves on ethics committees at St. Louis Children's Hospital and St. Louis University Hospital, as well as the Institutional Review Board at St. Anthony's Hospital. Her research interests include pediatric ethics, ethics education, neuroethics and clinical ethics consultation.

"Erica has already made a significant contribution in helping us to assess and address the ethics educational needs for undergraduate students in nursing and other health professions. She will be taking on a practicum course and a new, more integrated clinical ethics course for the PhD program," says Jeffrey P. Bishop, MD, PhD, and Director of the Center for Health Care Ethics.

As a pre-med student at Rice, Erica took a philosophy class with the prominent bioethicist, Dr. Baruch A. Brody. As a result of his teaching, she became interested in both the service-oriented and theoretical implications of clinical ethics practices. While at Rice, Erica was introduced to former Rice graduate student, Ana Iltis, who was Assistant Professor and PhD Program Director at the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics, as well as Erica's dissertation mentor.

Dr. Salter is interested in the broad picture of interests and needs that intersect between family and clinical relationships. Her doctoral dissertation, "Medical Decision-Making for Children with Significant Intellectual Disability: Toward a Relationally-Centered Approach," examined standards of pediatric decision-making for both the general pediatric population and for children with significant intellectual disability.

The prospect of getting undergraduate students interested in and excited about the field of ethics, along with teaching them how ethics can be practically applied, is something that Dr. Salter greatly values. She speaks enthusiastically about her work with undergraduates, stating that she feels "very strongly that what the Center has been teaching at the graduate level for so many years has relevance and importance," and now can be further expanded to the undergraduate level, especially for those students training to be in the health professions.

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