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March 14, 2008
Drummond Lecture in
Health Care Ethics
S. Diekema MD, MPH
"The Ashley Case Revisited: Reflections on Health Care Decision-making."
7:30-8:30 a.m.
LRC Auditorium, Medical Center Campus.

April 8, 2008
Bander Center Inauguration
Keynote Speaker:
Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH
Director, Institute of Ethics,
American Medical Association  
3:30-6:00 p.m.
LRC Auditorium, Medical Center Campus


Center for Clinical Research Ethics

Established through a major National Institute of Health award, the Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences is tasked with research that bridges the gap between the bench of the basic scientist and the bedside of the clinician. Saint Louis University Health Care Ethics faculty were involved in the planning process and are still playing an active role.

Housed within the Institute is the Center for Clinical Research Ethics (CCRE), a joint venture between Washington University and Saint Louis University faculty. James DuBois serves as CCRE director, while Ana Iltis directs the CCRE consultation and education services.

The CCRE has three roles within the Institute’s mission. Education and consultation programs are designed to support the efforts of the Institute’s translational research; independent ethics research will conducted by the CCRE, as well.

“The CCRE is a wonderful opportunity for us,” says Ana Iltis. “We’re having an impact on how translational research is being conducted—research ethics is recognized as an important part of study design.” She adds, “We’ve had a very positive response to what we’ve done so far.”

“This collaboration has been wonderful for the Department,” says DuBois. “Washington University is one of our nation’s leading medical research centers. I’m very excited about the possibilities for collaborative research that this partnership brings. Beyond that, partnerships like this are what help a department grow, by expanding faculty and supported research assistants.”

Iltis, who also serves as coordinator for the Concentration in Research Ethics that is available to PhD students at Saint Louis University, also observed that “this collaboration is going to greatly enrich what we can offer students that are interested in this area of research.”

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