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Health Care Ethics Updates
Health Care Ethics Updates

November 7, 2012
CHCE Distinguished Lecture
John Lantos, MD
6:30 PM
Location TBA

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Celebrating Publication Success

Anticipatory Corpse Jeffrey Bishop, MD, PhD

Dr. Jeffrey P. Bishop's thought-provoking book, "The Anticipatory Corpse: Medicine, Power, and the Care of the Dying," which discusses the issues surrounding the care of the dying, has been well received by multiple sources and disciplines. In celebration of this success, the Center for Health Care Ethics is presenting a selection of quotes about the book:

"This is a genuinely novel approach that invites one to completely reassess why health-care institutions and professionals function as they do. It also invites us to question how our lives are shaped by our anticipated deaths ... It is beautifully written and carefully argued, and instead of shying away from difficult and potentially disruptive issues in modern medicine it exposes them and challenges us to think again."

—Bobbie Farsides, Times Higher Education

"The theological acuteness and pastoral warmth that flow through Jeffrey Bishop's book make it the most compelling argument for the superiority of this type of humane medicine over the ubiquitous and utterly flaccid "biopsychosociospiritual" pretensions of modern medical practice. But as a challenge to the story of western liberalism, and the central place of medicine within it, The Anticipatory Corpse is also the most important book of 2011 - one that, God willing, will continue to haunt us for years to come."

—Scott Stephens, The Australian Broadcasting Company

"The Anticipatory Corpse is interesting, provocative and important—one of the most novel contributions to the field of bioethics of the last several decades. Bishop has many illuminating new things to say about the ethics of medical care for the dying. In the process, he helps to explain why bioethics itself is in such a sad state."

—Daniel P. Sulmasy, America Magazine

"A compelling read and a groundbreaking work in philosophy and bioethics ... Bishop's thesis is that medicine is philosophically grounded in a culture of death avoidance rather than of life enhancement. With scholarly sophistication, he argues that the practices surrounding the care of the dying are epistemologically and philosophically grounded not on the vibrancy of human life but on the dead body."

—Andrew R. Barnosky, DO, MPH, The JAMA Network

"(Bishop) demonstrates that a medicine shorn of formal and final causality, reduced only to efficient causality, is deeply problematic. Because of its interdisciplinary breadth and depth, its nuance and precision, and its take-no-prisoners approach, this book will prove to be a seminal, conversation-changing monograph especially in bioethics and philosophy of medicine."

—M. Therese Lysaught, PhD, Marquette University

"Bishop persuasively argues that biopsychosociospiritual medicine, put forward as an antidote to scientific reductionism, turns out to be scientific reductionism on steroids. Now not only is the patient reduced to her biology, but the patient's heart and soul and story are reduced to scientifically assessed factors that are to be efficiently managed by an ever more expansive set of experts. Having understood Bishop's assessment, I now see it everywhere I look in contemporary medicine."

—Farr Curlin, PhD, University of Chicago

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