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Drummond Lecture: Larry Churchill, PhD

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Research Conference & Drummond Lecture
Friday, March 21
SLU Learning Resources Center
3544 Caroline Mall,
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2014 Drummond Lecturer: Larry R. Churchill, PhD

Larry Churchill, PhDLarry R. Churchill, PhD is the 2014 CHCE Drummond Lecturer. The lecture will take place as part of the First Annual Research Conference at noon on March 21 in the SLU Learning Resources Center. Dr. Churchill will present his talk, “Patients: The Neglected Source for Medical Ethics.”

The voices and perspectives of patients are noticeably absent from medical ethics codes. This presentation will discuss findings from a series of patient interviews focused on what is ethically important for the everyday relationships between doctors and patients. The implications of these findings, it will be argued, leads beyond the standard list of bioethics principles to more accurate and robust ethics for doctoring.

Larry R. Churchill is the Ann Geddes Stahlman Professor of Medical Ethics at Vanderbilt University. Prior to Vanderbilt, Churchill was at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he served as Department Chair of Social Medicine from 1988-1998. He has played a major role in the institutionalization of ethics programs, and has been recognized for excellence in teaching, and at both UNC and Vanderbilt. Churchill’s work in ethics and health policy was the basis for his election to the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences and his selection as a Fellow of The Hastings Center. His recent research has turned from policy questions and “big-decision” ethics to the moral dimensions of routine clinical encounters. His most recent books develop his research findings on the ethics of everyday medical care: Healers: Extraordinary Clinicians (2012), and What Patients Teach: The Everyday Ethics of Health Care (2013), both from Oxford University Press.


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