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Students enrolled in the PhD program in health care ethics may take 15 hours of coursework with an emphasis on health care ethics in the Catholic tradition and write a dissertation (12 credits) in the Catholic tradition to develop expertise in the area of Catholic health care ethics. To enroll in the Concentration in Health Care Ethics in the Catholic Tradition, students must already hold a Masters degree in Theology or Religious Studies or be enrolled in the MA/PhD dual degree program. The concentration requirements are outlined below:

HCE-602 (3 credits): Religious Methods in Health Care Ethics

Concentration students will focus their paper and receive special mentoring in the Catholic tradition.

HCE-631 (3 credits): Special Topics: Health Care Ethics in the Catholic Tradition seminar

HCE-698 (3 credits)

Students will complete at least one directed reading course on the Catholic tradition in health care ethics.

Elective related to Health Care and the Catholic Tradition (3 credits)

Concentration students would be required to take a course in an area relevant to health care and the Catholic tradition. [Note: This will be treated as one of the Topics and Scholars electives required as part of the PhD program.]

Practicum (3 credits)

Students will complete a practicum in Catholic health care.

Dissertation (12 credits)

Students will write a dissertation on health care ethics in the Catholic Tradition.

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