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Students enrolled in the PhD program in health care ethics may take 15 hours of coursework with an emphasis on research ethics and write a dissertation (12 credits) in research ethics to develop expertise in the area of human research ethics. The concentration requirements are outlined below:

HCE-603 (3 credits): Applied Methods in Health Care Ethics or HCE-604 (3 credits): Interdisciplinary Research in Health Care Ethics

Concentration students will focus their paper in the are of human subjects research. [Note: Both courses are required for the PhD program. Students in the Human Research concentration would be required to focus on research ethics in at least one of the two classes.]

HCE-639 (3 credits): Special Topics: Research Ethics seminar

HCE-698 (3 credits)

Students will complete at least one directed reading course in research ethics.

Elective in Research Methodology (3 credits)

Concentration students would be required to take a class in research methodology or would be required to demonstrate advanced standing in this area. [Note: This will be treated as one of the Topics and Scholars electives required as part of the PhD program.]

Practicum (3 credits)

Students will complete their practicum in the area of human subjects research.

Dissertation (12 credits)

Students will write a dissertation in research ethics.

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