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Courses in the Health Sciences at Saint Louis University

The Center for Health Care Ethics is responsible for ethics education on the Health Sciences campus of Saint Louis University. At present, faculty at the Center teach in the following programs:


Saint Louis University Hospital

Ethics Education for Residents - taught as monthly case discussion sessions according to departmental need.

School of Allied Health Professions

Ethics component of PAE-304, "Psychosocial Dynamics in Health Care," 1-credit of 3-credit hour course, taught summers.

School of Medicine

"Health Care Ethics," an eight-week component of "Patient, Physician and Society" taught during the first year of medical school. Additionally, the Center offers a number of elective courses to medical students in their second, third and fourth years.

School of Nursing

NR-N503 "Ethics in Nursing and Health Care," 2-credit hour course, taught in spring and summer as a distance learning course.

College for Public Health & Social Justice

CMHC-502 "Ethical Issues in Public Health" 3-credit hours, offered every fall and spring. And HAC-542 "Health Care Ethics in a Pluralistic Society," 3-credit hours, offered every fall.

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