Saint Louis University


  1. Which campus are HCE classes generally located?
    Almost all undergraduate classes are held on the main (North) campus.

  2. Are HCE courses ever cross-listed?
    All our courses have an honors option. Two of our 400-level courses are cross-listed with other departments (Pre-Professional Health Studies and African American Studies).

  3. When can you add the HCE minor?
    At any time in your undergraduate career. Most students finish the program requirements in 3-4 semesters, but it can be compacted into fewer, if necessary.

  4. How many students are in the minor? What are their majors?
    As of fall 2013, there are about 110 students registered for the minor. More than half of them are pre-med, with the remaining students majoring in public health, neuroscience, theology and philosophy, among others.

  5. Will an HCE minor help me get into medical school?
    We think so. In addition to it showing that you've already thought through some of the hard questions involved in medicine, the discussions you have in class will prime you for some of the questions you will be asked in medical school interviews. In addition, our courses might help you do better on the MCAT as the test is starting to include more ethical analysis questions.


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