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Diversity and Global Citizenship Learning Community

Located in Grand Hall, the Diversity and Global Citizenship Learning Community aims to create an open-minded environment that appreciates difference, celebrates diversity and promotes cultural education.

Atlas Parade of Nations

This learning community helps students to answer what it means to live in a global society by exploring the human experience. The students and faculty in this community are passionate about social justice and inclusion on a local and global scale. The community participates in dialogues about identity, dinners with faculty, workshops to further their understanding of diversity and an international immersion trip to Ecuador. Students in this community can earn a citation on their degree with the Global Gateway Program. This community is open to all students. A supplemental essay prompt will be sent via e-mail upon completion of the housing contract.

Recommended for: Women's Studies, African American Studies, American Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Communication, Economics, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Political Science, and other Arts and Sciences Majors.

Associated Classes for 2017-2018

  • CMM 1300: First Year Dialogue
  • POLS 1510: Politics of the Developing World
    SOC 1180: World Geography
  • AAM 2500/CMM 2300: Intergroup Dialogue
    SOC 2080: Urban Issues: Poverty and Unemployment
    ASTD 2700: Gender, Race, and Social Justice

Faculty Associate

J.D. Bowen, Ph.D. studies Latin American politics, race and ethnicity, U.S. foreign policy (particularly in Latin America), and elite politics. He leads the Diversity and Global Citizenship trip to Quito, Ecuador in May of each year. Bowen has been teaching with the Learning Community Program since 2009.

Being in a learning community helped me connect with people of similar interests, which helped me come to better understand what I wanted to be and the people that I wanted to be around.

Raquel Dominguez, Peer Mentor