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Questions You Should Be Asking in Your College Interviews

Got college admission questions? No surprise there. Picking a university can be overwhelming. It's time to use all the resources available to you when planning for college, especially your admission counselor. You want to ask the best questions about college. Here are a few to get you started:


5. What can you tell me about my major?

No university is best at every major they offer, so get the specifics on the courses and programs that interest you most.

Ask about the major's average class size (it can differ from a university or college's overall class size) and how many students who graduate with that degree go on to work in the field. Don't know what you want to study yet? Ask the same questions about the university as a whole — and then take our majors quiz.

4. What type of academic support is available?

Right now your priority is getting into college, but you also want to find a school where you will succeed. At Saint Louis University, freshmen are encouraged to take University 101, a one-hour course with tips on transitioning to college. Meanwhile, SLU's Student Success Center helps with tutoring, writing services and academic accommodations for disabilities.

3. What deadlines do I need to keep in mind?

"Every single school is going to do things slightly different as far as their admission process and timeline," said SLU admission counselor Michelle. She suggests students keep a spreadsheet of every school, with deadlines and dates when they submitted important documents. Read more about keeping your college search on track.

2. What scholarships are available?

"It's always a shame when a student misses a scholarship deadline because they weren't aware of the requirements," said Lindsey, another SLU admission counselor. "So don't be afraid to ask any and all questions regarding financial aid." Read more about financial aid, learn about work study and find out how to make college affordable.

1. Is your school a good fit for me?

"I really enjoy when students ask me questions about the college search in general," said SLU admission counselor Eric. "It is my job to help them find the right fit." It's not unusual to be intimidated by the idea of talking to admission counselors, there’s no need to be. "Students focus too much on the admission part and ignore the fact that we are counselors!" he adds.