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Top 5 Things to Bring to SLU

Even if you've analyzed your dorm room checklist over and over, you might have left off the most important things you need for a successful start at Saint Louis University.


5. A Doorstop

It is easy to sit in your room, watching Netflix, and thinking about your high school friends, but your residence hall door has a hinge for a reason. You've got to get out. Put a doorstop under it, and open yourself up to all the new experiences college has to offer.

4. Disinfecting Wipes

Sometimes, things get messy. Transitions are sticky, and it helps to have something to clean things up. That goes for more than spilled soda and leaking shampoo.

College is full of challenges. Adjusting to your freshman year might feel overwhelming at times. But don't forget about the university's community. From your new college classmates to your residence hall advisor to your academic advisor, everyone wants you to succeed and can help you clean up any messy situations you get into.

3. Hand Sanitizer

You'll be shaking a lot of hands in your first few weeks at SLU. People in your residence hall, the person sitting next to you at University 101, your professors — there will be lots of friendly faces to greet you when you arrive. And while we all have a lot we want to share, colds aren't one of them.

2. A Planner

There's so much happening on campus that your calendar will be at capacity pretty quickly. With almost 200  student organizations at SLU, from Ultimate Frisbee to the Flying Billikens, there's bound to be some that spark your interest. A paper planner or a scheduling app will help you stay involved and caught up on your classes.

1. A Picture of Home

It's a remedy for homesickness and a way for you to share your roots with the rest of your classmates. Tell stories with the new friends you meet on campus — you never know what you might have in common.

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