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DeNardo Foundation Leaders Meet with CHS Students Performing Research Made Possible by DeNardo Grant

Drs. Gerald and Sally DeNardo from the DeNardo Education and Research Foundation visited the Doisy College of Health Sciences recently to meet with the students and faculty who are recipients of research funds from the DeNardo Foundation. The research grant was originally awarded to the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science - which has since become a part of the new Department of Clinical Health Sciences – and not only funds undergraduate research, but also hosts a lecture series which the students involved are invited to attend. Since the partnership began in 2013, the grant has been renewed two times and, in total, has awarded over a quarter of a million dollars to the researchers in the department.

DeNardo Reception

Drs. Gerald (bottom middle) and Sally (bottom right) DeNardo met with students and faculty involved with current DeNardo Foundation research grant.

The DeNardo family met with students and faculty from the Investigative and Medical Science Program and the Medical Laboratory Science Program as well as a faculty member from the Nutrition and Dietetics department, all of whom are involved in research funded by the current grant. Students had a chance to share their findings with the DeNardos and have lunch and discuss other topics of interest.

Principal Investigator for the DeNardo Education and Research Foundation Grant and Clinical Health Sciences Professor Rita Heuertz, Ph.D., MT(ASCP), spoke about what a great experience it was for students and faculty to meet with members of the DeNardo Foundation.

“There is really nothing that replaces one-on-one, face-to-face discussions of student scholars with the people that made their research experience possible,” Dr. Heuertz said. “Meetings of students with the DeNardos takes the research experience beyond science and makes it personal for all parties involved. The DeNardos enjoy meeting the students and learning about the projects they are working on and how much they are learning. The students feel honored to be able to meet the individuals that made the research experience possible.”

The research that is done by the students and their faculty mentors involved in the grant from the DeNardo Foundation is presented at various scientific conferences across the country and, on some occasions, is published.

“Not only does our work with the DeNardo Foundation result in students with significant research experiences, but also the funding supports healthcare research that is shared with the scientific community by presentation at conferences and publications,” Dr. Heuertz said.

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