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SLU Medical Laboratory Science Program Awards 2018 Alice Zipf-O’Rourke Scholarship

Saint Louis University (SLU) Medical Laboratory Science senior Katie Hermsmeier was recently announced as the recipient of the 2018 Alice Zipf-O’Rourke Scholarship. The scholarship awards $2,500 to the winner to support research with an assigned faculty member.

Katie Hermsmeier

Medical Laboratory Science Senior Katie Hermsmeier was awarded the 2018 Alice Zipf-O'Rourke Scholarship.

The Alice Zipf-O’Rourke Scholarship is for SLU MLS and SLU MLS Certificate students and was established by Zipf-O’Rourke’s daughter, Mary Hardesty, in 2007. Zipf-O’Rourke graduated from SLU’s Medical Technology program (known as Medical Laboratory Sciences today) in 1948. Along with being the class president, Zipf-O’Rourke was active in many causes, such as: women’s education, leadership and self-sufficiency. After graduation, Zipf-O’Rourke went on to work at St. Mary’s Health Center as a medical technologist.

Hermsmeier was very flattered to learn that she had been selected to receive the prestigious scholarship.

“To be chosen from all the outstanding students in our department as the recipient of the Alice Zipf-O’Rourke Scholarship is a very special honor,” Hermsmeier said. “I greatly appreciate the work the committee has done to recognize students who dedicate their time to undergraduate research and keeping the field of Medical Laboratory Science moving forward.”

Hermsmeier has been motivated to join the field of medical research from an early age when her younger sister passed away from a very rare disease as an infant. She hopes that, one day, her contributions can help find cures for similar illnesses. It was this drive to be involved with medical research that brought Hermsmeier to SLU.

“It is fantastic that SLU offers so many opportunities for undergraduate students to perform independent research, and it is one of the main reasons I wanted to come here,” Hermsmeier said. “I have developed a sound understanding of diagnostic medicine thanks to our curriculum and the stellar faculty who constantly push their students to challenge themselves and always try their best.”

As a senior, Hermsmeier is looking forward to finding full-time employment after graduation, but is also exploring graduate school options. Hermsmeier’s time spent at SLU has motivated her to continue her education and research in the field of microbiology.

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