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SLU Radiation Therapy Program Awards Memorial Scholarship

The Saint Louis University (SLU) Radiation Therapy program recently announced senior Alyssa Capizzi and junior Sharyl Payne as the recipients of the Gordon Niethe and Lillian Lopez Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship, intended for full-time radiation therapy students at the junior or senior level of the program, will award Capizzi $10,000 for her senior year of the program and Payne $10,000 for her junior year and $10,000 for her senior year provided she maintains the academic requirements.

This is the second year that the Gordon Niethe and Lillian Lopez Memorial Scholarship has been awarded; the award was the first scholarship at SLU to be created specifically for radiation therapy students. The scholarship was made possible by a generous gift from the family of Gordon Niethe and Lillian Lopez, who have also funded the Gordon Niethe and Lillian Lopez Memorial Scholarship in Meteorology.

Capizzi was honored to receive the Niethe-Lopez scholarship and went on to describe how she became interested in the field of Radiation Therapy.

"I am beyond grateful to have received this scholarship. Even more so, I am very thankful to have such generous donors who are so supportive of the Radiation Therapy program here at SLU,” Capizzi said. “Ever since high school, I have been extremely intrigued by physics and mathematics, but also the field of health care. I was convinced I would have to choose a path that would not have all three. It was not until I heard a lecture from a medical dosimetrist, who was describing Radiation Therapy that I realized it perfectly fit everything I could have ever wanted in a job.”

When Payne found out she was named a recipient of the Niethe-Lopez scholarship, she knew it would be a life-changing event.

“When I received the email that I had been chosen for the Neithe-Lopez Scholarship, I was in shock. I had no idea that I would be chosen for such an amazing gift, something that would change the entirety of my education,” Payne said. “As a student with full responsibility of my education costs, it's both gratifying and relieving to achieve something like this.” 

Radiation Therapy Program Director Kathy Kienstra, MAT, RT(R)(T), was very impressed by this year’s Niethe-Lopez scholarship recipients.

“Sharyl and Alyssa are very deserving recipients of this substantial scholarship award and were chosen from an extremely competitive pool of applicants,” Kienstra said. “The award will have a significant impact on their lives, allowing them to attain their dreams of making a difference in the lives of people with cancer.”

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