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SLU NMT Students and Faculty Earn Research Awards at SNMMI Annual Meeting

Saint Louis University (SLU) Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) students and faculty recently presented their research at the 2019 Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA. The faculty research team placed second overall in the Technologist Section and the student teams combined to earn over $1,000 in travel awards.

SLU NMT Faculty and Staff at SNMMI Conference

SLU Nuclear Medicine Technology students and faculty at the 2019 SNMMI Annual Meeting

SLU Assistant Professor of NMT Sarah Frye, MBA, CCRP, CNMT, PET, NCT, was one of the faculty members on the research team that placed second in the Technologist Section for their presentation titled: Added Value of Digital Over Analog PET: A Technologist’s Perspective. Frye was very excited to place second in the research competition.

“It was thrilling and surprising to hear that my research group took second place for the research I presented,” Frye said. “It is exciting to promote the research in the nuclear medicine field being done at Saint Louis University and Saint Louis University Hospital.”

Frye was also happy to see that many SLU students had the chance to attend the national event and explained the many benefits of attending events such as this as a student.

“The annual SNMMI annual conference gives NMT and MRI students a chance to meet other students, technologists, physicians, scientists, vendors and researchers in the molecular imaging field,” Frye said. Students have the opportunity to find out what the professional society does for them and their community, make connections around the world, listen to continuing education presentations, present research findings and review for the NMT boards.”

The remaining research presentation involving SLU students and/or faculty members at the 2019 SNMMI National Conference include:

·         C. Botkin, “Nuclear Medicine Technologists with Disabilities: An Overview of Legislation and Accommodations”

·         A. Reynolds, C. Botkin, S. Frye, R. Muzaffar, M. Osman, “99mTc Pyrophosphate (PYP) Imaging Transthyretin Cardiac Amyloidosis Imaging: A New Application for an Old Tracer”

·         M. Jaime, C. Botkin, S. Frye, R. Muzaffar, M. Osman, “Digital PET imaging: Evaluating the Vereos PET/CT”

·         M. Holloway, C. Botkin, S. Frye, C. Weaver, A. Hardy, A. Dwiggins, R. Muzaffar, M. Osman, “Music therapy sessions to decrease patient anxiety in diagnostic imaging”

·         P. Couch, C. Webb, C. Botkin, S. Frye, R. Muzaffar, M. Osman, “Added Value of SPECT/CT in Post Lu-177 Dotatate Treatment for Neuroendocrine Tumors”

·         S. Hatami, C. Botkin, S. Frye, A. McMunn, R. Muzaffar, M. Osman, “Added Value of Digital Over Analog PET/CT; Impact of Image Field of View and Body Mass Index”

·         S. Abdullaeva, C. Botkin, S. Frye, R. Muzaffar, M. Osman, “Examining Ultratrace® Iobenguage I-131 for use in Patients with Malignant Pheochromocytoma/Paraganglioma or Metastatic Carcinoid”

·         M. Tariq, R. Frye, R. Warhoover, J. Sauer, C. Botkin, S. Frye, E. Hooper, A. McMunn, M.M. Osman, “Digital vs Analog: PET/CT Spatial Resolution”

·         M. T. Pham, J. Mhlanga, R. LaForest, D. Silvestros, W. Scheve, S. Frye, C. Botkin, D. Beyder, “Visual evaluation of different parameters for renal oncocytoma using GE Discovery 670 CZT”

·         A. Jakubovic, C. Botkin, S. Frye, D. Beyder, D. Silvestros, T. Schindler, “Development of New Parameters for Myocardial Perfusion Studies to Improve Image Quality and Acquisition Time”

·         E. Bajric, R. Frye, S. Frye, B. Sterkel, R. Muzaffar, M. Osman, “Returning to work after I-131 treatment: A Nuclear Medicine Technologist’s Personal Experience”

·         S. Frye, "From the Glass Ceiling to the Sticky Floor: How Understanding Professional Workplace Differences Can Lead to Success"

SLU NMT student Alyssa Reynolds pleased she was able to experience the event and grateful that she was able to earn a Travel Award in the process.

“Being awarded the Travel Award for my research was very encouraging,” Reynolds said. “It allowed me to experience a meeting that I otherwise would not have been able to attend.”

The SNMMI, headquartered in Reston, VA, is a nonprofit scientific and professional organization that promotes the science, technology and practical application of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. SNMMI strives to be a leader in unifying, advancing and optimizing molecular imaging, with an ultimate goal of improving human health. With 15,000 members worldwide, SNMMI represents nuclear and molecular imaging professionals, all of whom are committed to the advancement of the field.

The SNMMI Annual Meeting is the premier educational, scientific, research and networking event in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. The event provides physicians, technologists, pharmacists, laboratory professionals and scientists with an in-depth view of the latest research and development in the field as well as providing insights into practical applications for the clinic.

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