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SangNam Ahn, Ph.D., M.P.S.A.

Associate Professor
Health Management and Policy

Courses Taught

HMP 5500 Health Policy


Ph.D., Health Services Research, Texas A&M University School of Public Health

M.P.S.A., Public Service & Administration, Texas A&M University Bush School of Government & Public Service

Research Interests

Health equity, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), aging and long-term care policy, obesity and lifestyle risk factors, health promotion

Publications and Media Placements

* Indicates the author is a mentee.

  • Ahn, S., Kim, S., Zhang, H., Dobalian, A., & Slavich, G. (2024). Lifetime adversity predicts depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment in a nationally representative sample of older adults in the United States. Journal of Clinical Psychology. DOI: 10.1002/jclp.23642. 
  • Ahn, S., Kim, S., Koh, K. (2022). Associations of the COVID-19 Pandemic with Older Individuals’ Healthcare Utilization and Self-reported Health Status: A Longitudinal Analysis from Singapore. BMC Health Services Research. 22(66).
  • *Mahmood, A., Kedia, S. K., Dobalian, A., Chang, C. F., & Ahn, S. (2022) Longitudinal associations between time-varying insomnia symptoms and all-cause healthcare services utilization among middle-aged and older adults in the US. HSR (in press).
  • *Mahmood, A., Ray, M., Dobalian, A., Ward, K. D., Ahn, S. (2022). Longitudinal associations between insomnia symptoms and all-cause mortality among middle-aged and older adults: A population-based cohort study. Sleep. doi: 10.1093/sleep/zsac019.
  • *Mahmood, A., Ray, M., Dobalian, A., Ward, K. D., Ahn, S. (2021). Insomnia Symptoms and Incident Heart Failure: A Population-Based Cohort Study. European Heart Journal.
  • Ahn, S., Hussein, M., *Mahmood, A., & Smith, M.L. (2020). Emergency Department and Inpatient Utilization among U.S. Older Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Post-Reform Update. BMC Health Services Research. DOI:
  • Ahn, S., Zhang, H., Berlin, K. S., Levy, M., & *Kabra, R. (2019). Adverse childhood experiences and childhood obesity: a path analysis approach. Children’s Health Care. DOI: 10.1080/02739615.2019.1697928.
  • Ahn, S., Lee, J., Post, L., Bartlett-Prescott, J., & Ward, K. (2017). Evaluation of a Behavioral Intervention with Multiple Components among Low-income, Uninsured Adults with Obesity and Diabetes. The American Journal of Health Promotion. DOI: 10.1177/0890117117696250.
  • Ahn, S., Kim, S., & Zhang, H. (2017). Changes in depressive symptoms among older adults with multiple chronic conditions: Role of positive and negative social supports. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 14(1), 16.
  • Ahn, S., Smith, M. L., Altpeter, M., Post, L., & Ory, M.G. (2015). Healthcare Cost Savings Estimator Tool for Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP): A New Tool for Program Administrators and Decision Makers. Frontiers in Public Health Education and Promotion, 3: 42.
  • Ahn, S., Smith, M. L., Hendricks, M., & Ory, M. G. (2014). Associations of food insecurity with body mass index among baby boomers and older adults. Food Security, 6, 423-433.
  • Ahn, S., Basu, R., Smith, M.L., Jiang, J., Lorig, K., Whitelaw, N., & Ory, M. G. (2013). The Impact of Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs: Healthcare Savings through a Community-based Intervention. BMC Public Health. 13:1141. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-13-1141.
  • Ory, M. G., Ahn, S., Jiang L., Smith, M. L., Ritter, P., Whitelaw, N., & Lorig, K. (2013). Successes of a National Study of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program: Meeting the Triple Aim of Health Care Reform. Medical Care, 51(11), 992-998.
  • Ahn S., Smith M. L., Dickerson J. B., Ory M. G. (2012). Health and Healthcare Utilization among Obese and Diabetic Baby Boomers and Older Adults. American Journal of Health Promotion, 27(2), 123-132.
  • Ahn, S., Zhao, H., Tai-Seale, M., Huber, C., Smith, M. L., Ory, M. G., & Phillips C. D. (2012). The longitudinal effects of behavioral, health, and socio-demographic factors on body mass index among older Chinese adults. International Journal of Public Health, 57(2), 269-277.
  • Ahn, S., M. Tai-Seale, C. Huber, Smith, M. L., & Ory, M. G. (2011). Psychotropic Medication Discussions in Older Adults' Primary Care Office Visits: So Much To Do, So Little Time. Aging & Mental Health, 15(5), 618-629.
  • Ahn, S., Huber Jr., C., Smith, M. L., Ory, M. G., & Phillips, C. D. (2011). Predictors of Body Mass Index among Low-Income Community-Dwelling Older Adults. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 22(4), 1190-1204.

Please click here for a complete listing of Dr. Ahn's publications in Google Scholar Profile.

Honors and Awards

  • David Burchfield Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award, the University of Memphis School of Public Health Division of Health Systems Management and Policy, April 2016.
  • The Editor in Chief 2018 Paper of the Year Award from the American Journal of Health Promotion. "Evaluation of a Behavioral Intervention with Multiple Components among Low-Income and Uninsured Adults with Obesity and Diabetes," January 2019.
  • Nobuo Maeda International Research Award, 139th Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, October, 2011
  • Retirement Research Foundation Doctoral Student Research Award, 138th Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, November, 2010
  • Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health, Chapter of Texas A&M University Health Science Center School of Public Health, Alpha Tau, May 2010.
  • Phi Alpha Alpha Honor Society in Public Affairs and Administration – Chapter at Texas A&M University, May 2006.
  • U.S. Army Commendation Medal, February 2001. 

Community Work and Service

  • Committee Member, Health and Human Services Nonprofit Committee, Shelby Country Division of Community Services, 2020 – 2022.
  • Committee Member, Memphis Healthy Shelby-Chronic Disease Team, 2012 – 2013
  • Director of Research and Development Team, Center to Enact Change, 2008 – 2011, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Principal, Vice-principal, General manager, 2008 – 2011, Vision Korean School at College Station, TX
  • President, 2007 – 2008, Texas A&M University International Graduate Student Association