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Kenan Li, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Epidemiology and Biostatistics

College for Public Health and Social Justice

Courses Taught

BST 5500 - Statistical Learning; BST 5600 - R for Spatial Analysis; BST 5961 - Master's Project.


Ph.D. Environmental Sciences, Louisiana State University

M.S. Environmental Sciences, Louisiana State University 

B.S. Environmental Sciences and Applied Mathematics, Nankai University, China

Research Interests

Spatial computation and modeling of community resilience/sustainability; Data science and statistics in environmental health; Geo-simulation of human and environmental systems; Geo-AI (artificial intelligence) frameworks; Integrated geo-cyber-infrastructures; Integrated sensor data; Biostatistics algorithms.

Publications and Media Placements

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  • Garcia, E., Marian, B., Chen, Z., Li, K., Lurmann, F., Gilliland, F., Eckel, S.P. (2022). Long-term Ambient Air Pollution Associated with Weekly COVID-19 Mortality in California Census Tracts: Analysis of the first 12-months of the pandemic. Environment International 292(B), 118396.
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  • Garcia,E., Eckel,S.P., Chen, Z., Li, K., and Gilliland, F.D. (2021). COVID-19 Mortality in California Based on Death Certificates: Disproportionate Impacts Across Racial/Ethnic Groups and Nativity. Annals of Epidemiology 58, 69-75.
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  • You can also find Kenan Li on his personal website.