Performing Arts (minor) (Madrid)

SLU-Madrid offers students the opportunity to develop their skills in the disciplines of dance, music or theatre through the minor in performing arts. You’ll gain a basic knowledge of each discipline and of the global reach of stage arts. You’ll also be provided with a broad overview of the different aspects of the stage in a Spanish and Latin — or more broadly European — context. You’ll become aware of the close relationship and interdependence between the different stage-art disciplines and the importance of understanding these disciplines in order to gain a global insight into the creativity of humankind.

Minor in Performing Arts


Highlighted Courses

The minor in performing arts requires 18 credit hours of coursework. All students pursuing the minor must take THR 1010: Introduction to the Performing Arts.

You are required to complete at least one course toward your concentration requirement in the discipline of your choice: dance, music or theatre:

  • DANC 2630: Modern Dance/Modern Movement
  • MUSC 1000: Approaching the Arts (Music)
  • MUSC 1100: Music Fundamentals
  • THR 3500: Playscript Analysis

You’ll then be required to complete additional elective courses in at least two of the three fields of theatre, music and dance.

  • DANC 2650: Spanish Dance: Flamenco
  • DANC 2660: Latin Rhythms and Dance
  • DANC 2670: The New Flamenco Experience
  • DANC 2680: Advanced Latin Rhythms and Dance
  • DANC 3680: Advanced Spanish Dance: Flamenco II
  • MUSC 2010: Applied Music (Voice)
  • MUSC 2020: Applied Music (Piano)
  • MUSC 2030: Applied Music (Guitar)
  • MUSC 2930: ST: Winds and Strings Instrumental Coaching
  • MUSC 3420: University Chorale
  • THR 2510: Acting I
  • THR 2400: Page to Stage
  • THR 3560: Theatre Workshop (one to two credit hours, repeatable for three credit hours)

At least four credit hours of group performance courses must be taken. Course that fulfill this requirement includes DANC 2650, DANC 2660, DANC 2670, DANC 2680, DANC 3680, MUSC 3420 and THR 3560. As part of this requirement, you’ll take part in a collaborative performance or theatre production. In the latter case, work as a crew member, dancer or live musician count toward these credits.
Lastly, you’ll present a final solo or group capstone performance lasting between 10 and 20 minutes that displays what has been learned through the minor. This could be a theatre work, a monologue, a solo or ensemble musical recital, a dance piece or a musical theatre piece.

Internships and Careers

In addition to the arts, students who minor in performing arts use their skills in non-theatrical fields such as law, training, sales, marketing and other careers where presentation skills are key.

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To apply to minor in performing arts at Saint Louis University, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and complete a declaration of major/minor form, available in the Madrid Office of the Registrar.