Classical Humanities

The study of classical humanities, offered by Saint Louis University's Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, is designed for students who want a strong foundation in the liberal arts, as well as the opportunity for in-depth study in other disciplines.


Major in Classical Humanities

Saint Louis University's classical humanities flexible curriculum complements other majors based on a knowledge of classical languages and culture — including law, medicine, theology, philosophy, political science, anthropology and art history  — and offers many types of tutorials and independent study options.

SLU's major in classical humanities requires 27 credit hours. You will choose from three prerequisites in Latin, Greek — or both — and go on to take six electives from the languages. You will also take upper-division courses relating to classical culture. Students studying classical languages at SLU enjoy small classes and personalized attention.


  • GK 1010-1020: Reading Greek I
  • LATN 1010-1020: Reading Latin I and II
  • CLH 4310: Greek Tragedy: Origin and Form
  • CLH 4290: Intro to Classical Mythology
  • GK 4460: Homer: The Odyssey
Internships and Careers

Most classical humanities graduates continue their professional study in classical languages or in other fields. Recent graduates of SLU's classical humanities program have entered fields such as law, theological studies, social work, art history, hospital administration and education, following graduate programs.


Faculty in SLU’s classical humanities department are respected scholars in their fields, coming from a wide variety of interests.

  • Anthony C. Daly, S.J.
  • Joan Hart-Hasler, Ph.D.
  • Claude N. Pavur, S.J.


Minor in Classical Humanities

Students can earn a minor in classical humanities after completing 21 credit hours, including 12 hours of upper-division classical humanities courses or courses from other departments featuring classical content.

On-Campus Resources

Browse the Vatican Film Library

Students have access to SLU’s Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and the Vatican Film Library on campus, as well as access to computer software and internet support specifically for Latin and Greek studies, literary studies and comparative literature.