A major in entrepreneurship can prepare you for personal and financial success, especially if you are interested in starting your own business or social venture. Graduates also take on the management of a family company, work to launch new products and services or open new markets. 


Students in SLU’s entrepreneurship program participate in campus-wide competitions for new ideas, make elevator pitches and launch social ventures. 

Major in Entrepreneurship

Saint Louis University's undergraduate concentration in entrepreneurship integrates the classroom and the real world. You’ll interact with successful business owners and master the key skills of creativity, market focus and planning — all of which are essential to successful business ventures.

You’ll have access to world-class business resources hosted at the John Cook School of Business, including our nationally recognized Center for Entrepreneurship and the Billiken Angels Network, which sometimes funds student-started firms. 

The Entrepreneurship Club is a student-run organization that connects students to entrepreneurship opportunities outside the classrooms. Every Thursday, the group hosts Billicon Valley, inviting startups from across St. Louis to network with our students and learn about internship and career opportunities.

Highlighted Courses

SLU’s entrepreneurship concentration requires 18 hours in addition to “MGT 2000: Legal Environment of Business,” “MGT 3000: Management Theory and Practice” and “MGT 4000: Strategic Management and Policy,” which are taken as part of the John Cook School of Business’ core curriculum.

The coursework includes nine hours of required classes, six hours of electives and three more credit hours of upper-level electives.

  • MGT 3200: Managing Ideas in Entrepreneurial Firms or MGT 3201: Social Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 3210: Managing Resources in Entrepreneurial Firms
  • MGT 4200: Business Plan Development
  • MGT 3300: Management of Human Resources
  • MGT 3100: Organization Behavior
  • MGT 3301: Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
  • MGT 4101: Fundamentals of Leadership
  • MGT 4102: Organizational Failure, Change and Transformation
  • MGT 4103: Current Problems in Management
  • MGT 4201: Introduction to Family Business
  • MGT 4910: Management Internship
Internships and Careers

SLU's urban location will also provide you with many internship opportunities outside the classroom. Most positions are paid, and some may earn you academic credit. Supervised by both a representative from the organization and a faculty mentor, SLU students have interned with a large variety of entrepreneurial firms in the St. Louis area.

Possible career paths for SLU entrepreneurs include business founder, venture capitalist, strategic consultant, business process re-engineering consultant and project engineer.

  • Robert Boyle, Ph.D.
  • Jerome Katz, Ph.D.
  • Jintong Tang, Ph.D.
Tuition and Fees

Saint Louis University takes pride in being one of Barron's Best Buys in College Education and Kiplinger's Best Values in Private Colleges.

For information regarding the upcoming academic year’s tuition rate, fees and financial aid, visit SLU Financial Services.

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Minor in Entrepreneurship

Non-business majors can earn a minor in entrepreneurship at SLU by completing 18 hours of coursework. The required courses are “ACCT 2200: Financial Accounting,” “MGT 2000: Legal Environment of Business,” “MGT 3000: Management Theory and Practice,” “MGT 3210: Managing Resources in Entrepreneurial Firms” and “MGT 4200: Business Plan Development.”

Students also take either “MGT 3200: Managing Ideas in Entrepreneurial Firms” or “MGT 3201: Social Entrepreneurship.”

On-Campus Resources

Mingle with Real  Entrepreneurs

The Center for Entrepreneurship is available for networking, peer mentoring and other resources. It offers academic competitions that evaluate business ideas from their onset through business planning and capitalization stages. You'll also have access to the Blue Diamonds Accelerator program for student business owners and the SLU Entrepreneurs' Club.