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Faculty Spotlight: Mark Pousson, Ph.D.

Mark Pousson, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in Saint Louis University's School of Education.

After finishing his master's degree, he went on to receive his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Higher Education at SLU. His current research interests revolve around identity in college students. This research is specifically targeted to disabled and marginalized groups. One of his more recent studies is focused on international students from China and their experience with being a minority on college campuses. He is also in the process of researching LGBTQ identity in community colleges as well as the impact of video games on gender identity.

We give our creator a better chance to be understood as we attempt to understand.

Mark Pousson, Ph.D. 

Pousson enjoys his research as he feels that it ties in well with SLU's mission to pursue truth for the greater glory of God. He says that his research allows him to be curious and work towards discovering mystery.

His emphasis on holistic development does not end with himself. Pousson feels that one of his duties as a global citizen is to prepare students for the world ahead. To do this, he enlists the help of students who are just as curious as him. He encourages anyone interested in his areas of research to reach out and speak to him about becoming more involved.

Most of all, Pousson enjoys the inquisitive environment Saint Louis University has created for him and other students. "Being part of a team that says dream, and go after," he says, is what keeps him getting up each morning.