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Presenting at SLU: Howard Fuller, Ph.D.

The School of Education is pleased to welcome Howard Fuller, Ph.D., to Saint Louis University on October 17.

SLU alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and local educators are invited to attend Fuller’s two presentations. The first is a lunchtime lecture as part of the Education Speaker Series co-sponsored by the School of Education and the Office of the Vice President for Research entitled, "Considering School Choice Through a Social Justice Lens." Later that afternoon, in an event co-sponsored by the School of Education and SLU Alumni Relations, Fuller will give a talk entitled "Why We Need Committed & Talented Educators in Urban Schools (more than ever)."


Fuller is a nationally-renowned education reform advocate and civil rights activist. His acclaimed career includes many years in both public service positions and the field of education. Currently, Fuller works as a Distinguished Professor of Education and is both the founder and director of the Institute for the Transformation of Learning at Marquette University. The Institute’s mission is “to support exemplary education options that transform learning for children, while empowering families, particularly low-income families, to choose the best options for their children.”

In line with this mission, Fuller has been advocating in support of quality education opportunities for almost 30 years through his various positions, and he has become nationally known for his unending support for fundamental educational reform and his deeply-held belief in the intrinsic value of a parent’s right to choose. He has received numerous awards for his efforts, including four honorary doctorate degrees.

Fuller’s passion for parent choice and improving education opportunities and access for marginalized communities was elucidated in a 2018 interview with The 74, wherein Fuller explained why he continues to fight for educational reform— “I think you fight because not to fight is to co-sign on the injustice. I get up every day to fight even if I don’t see a pathway to change because not to fight, not to raise my voice, is to say that this is OK. I’m not willing to do that.”

More than ever, education systems in every state, district and neighborhood need leaders who believe we can do better. Who know what it takes to make a difference in schools, in funding formulas and in policies that drive change. And most of all, who are willing to look into a community—especially one filled with black or brown faces or hungry faces or homeless faces—and say, ‘Every child here deserves access to a quality education.’

Fuller’s first presentation will be held at 12 p.m. in the Sinquefield State Room in Dubourg Hall, and will be preceded by a lunch at 11:30 a.m. His evening lecture will take place in Boileau Hall at 5 p.m., and will be preceded by a happy hour with light snacks beginning at 4:30 p.m. The RSVP deadline for both lectures is October 15. Please contact with any questions.