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School of Education’s Amrita Chaturvedi, Ph.D., Continues the Work of Student Well-Being and Human Flourishing


The Saint Louis University School of Education (SOE) continued its work on student well-being and flourishing this year. The SOE is collaborating with St. Louis Public Schools and the Regional Business Council at Sumner High School to support the increased post-secondary success of Sumner students. SLU School of Education is building a program that integrates human flourishing, pre-college and workforce-development programming to help students envision their futures, and build skills to help them be successful in their lives. 

Amrita Chaturvedi, Ph.D.
Amrita Chaturvedi, Ph.D.

A key component of this effort is the work of SLU School of Education Assistant Professor Amrita Chaturvedi, Ph.D., who leads the Consortium for Human Flourishing at SLU. Chaturvedi is currently working with 15 Sumner students, who participate in a two-hour human flourishing class each week at Sumner. In addition, these students work with Chaturvedi on “Individual Flourishing Plans,” where students set goals and receive coaching and support to reach their goals. The Sumner students will soon begin regularly visiting SLU’s campus and learn about SLU resources that can help them attain their goal of attending college. Chaturvedi will work with students during these visits, providing human flourishing programming to support Sumner student well-being and overall flourishing.

Education for Flourishing is a project of the Consortium for Human Flourishing at Saint Louis University. This project uses an interdisciplinary approach to promote individual and community flourishing in K-12 and higher education settings by connecting research to practice. The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University and the Teacher Education for Flourishing Collaborative at Notre Dame of Maryland University are partners with SLU’s consortium.

For more information about Saint Louis University’s School of Education, please call 314-977-3292 or visit the website.