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School of Education Welcomes Three Faculty Members in Fall 2022


Saint Louis University’s School of Education is pleased to welcome new faculty members this fall who bring their expertise to three programs: graduate educational studies, undergraduate teacher education, and educational leadership.

Darnell Leatherwood, Ph.D., wearing a black blazer, smiles at the camera in his headshot.
Darnell Leatherwood, Ph.D.


Darnell Leatherwood, Ph.D.

Saint Louis University’s School of Education welcomes Darnell Leatherwood, Ph.D., as a visiting assistant professor in the graduate educational studies program.

Leatherwood earned his Ph.D. in social policy and social welfare from the University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice.  His research interests include education; social policy, inequality, and inequity; adolescent development and identity formation; race and racism; and quantitative research methods.

To learn more about Darnell Leatherwood, Ph.D., click here.




Jeannine Butler, Ed.D., wearing glasses and a white blouse smiles in this headshot.
Jeannine Butler, Ed.D.


Jeannine Butler, Ed.D.

Jeannine Butler, Ed.D. joins the teacher education faculty as a visiting assistant professor this fall.  

Prior to joining the school full-time, Butler was an adjunct instructor in the School of Education. Her areas of practice include methods of creative arts and movement, psychology and education of the exceptional individual, and portfolio II.

To learn more about Jeannine Butler, Ed.D., click here.






Robert Vogelaar, Ed.D., wearing a black sweater over a button-down shirt, smiles in this headshot.
Robert Vogelaar, Ed.D.


Robert Vogelaar, Ed.D.  

Robert Vogelaar, Ed.D., joins the educational leadership program as an assistant professor this fall.

Vogelaar retired from the Liberty Public School District #53 this year after serving as its assistant superintendent since 2008. He has served as an adjunct instructor at several universities, including Saint Louis University. His research interests include teacher scarcity (recruitment, retention, and attrition), workforce planning strategy, and image repair as crisis management in schools.

To learn more about Robert Vogelaar, Ed.D., click here.



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