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School of Education’s Christa Jackson, Ph.D., Publishes Two Book Series


Christa Jackson, Ph.D., professor of educational studies at Saint Louis University, has recently published two book series designed to create excitement around STEM. 

The SLU professor's first series, “Powerful Mathematicians Who Changed the World,” is a set of children's books focused on underrepresented mathematicians and their mathematical contributions. The second series targets educators on ways they can simplify STEM through integrated STEM learning practices. 

Christa Jackson, Ph.D. headshot
Christa Jackson, Ph.D.

Powerful Mathematicians Who Changed the World

Each book in the "Powerful Mathematicians Who Changed the World" series is geared toward different grades: PK-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. For example, in “Powerful Mathematicians Who Changed the World: Dazzling Us with Data,” geared toward grades PK-2, the story is centered on Talithia Williams, Ph.D., a powerful mathematician who, as a young girl, had many interests, including math. In her early years, she felt daunted by being one of only a few Black girls in class —and how she applied math to these situations. Young readers will get excited about doing math thanks to the interesting questions and math problems throughout the book, and teachers and caregivers can use the discussion and activity prompts to engage young mathematicians in the classroom or at home. Through “Powerful Mathematicians Who Changed the World: Knotting Numbers,” geared toward grades 3-5, readers learn through stories that there isn’t always just one way to solve a math problem — making math even more interesting for everyone. 

In all, there will be 13 books in this series.

To learn more about the Powerful Mathematicians Who Changed the World book series, watch this interview with Christa Jackson.

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Simplifying STEM

“Simplifying STEM: Four Equitable Practices to Inspire Meaningful Learning,” is a practical two-book guidebook series designed to help educators of grades PreK-5 and 6-12 create integrated STEM learning experiences that are inclusive for all students and allow them to experience STEM as scientists, innovators, mathematicians, creators, engineers and technology experts. This is a resource for educators seeking to empower their students with meaningful STEM learning experiences. The books include an online implementation toolkit to give educators opportunities for powerful professional development built on collaboration and connection.

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Jackson, a former elementary and middle school mathematics and science teacher, is a professor of mathematics, science, and STEM education at Saint Louis University. She is the founder and director of the Institute for STEM Collaboration, Outreach, Research, and Education (iSCORE) at Saint Louis University, where she focuses on transforming the STEM community one mind at a time through fostering scholars’ STEM literacy development, STEM identities, and STEM sense of belonging.