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SLU Supporter: Ann Marie Ruhlin

A SLU student during a particularly turbulent time in American history, Ann Marie Ruhlin (A&S ’69, GRAD ’70) spent her undergraduate years juggling majors in theater, English and education while also being highly involved in social and political action. Her subsequent successful acting career included touring shows, commercials and three Emmy Awards.

Ann Marie Ruhlin
Although she graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences, alumna Ann Marie Ruhlin decided to support future business leaders with a new scholarship in the Chaifetz School of Business. Advancing business education is one of five strategic priorities of SLU's Accelerating Excellence campaign. Submitted photo.

With such a colorful career in the arts, it may come as a surprise to some to discover that when Ruhlin contributed to the Accelerating Excellence campaign, she created a scholarship in the Chaifetz School of Business. But to Ruhlin, it makes perfect sense.

Ruhlin’s scholarship benefits an undergraduate student with financial need in the Service Leadership Program in the Chaifetz School of Business. The program seeks to develop professionals who use the technical and critical thinking skills they acquire to embrace ethical leadership and social change.

With a life-long love of service and building community that she attributes to the Jesuit tradition, Ruhlin valued the concept of developing successful business people who also prioritize outreach and serving the common good. She describes such a mindset as a “win-win situation for everyone.”

“I’m very excited that whoever gets the scholarship will turn out to be a great businessperson and have great success, but never forget the community and those who have less, and seek to use their wealth and expertise to make the world a better place,” Ruhlin said.

Ruhlin lists multiple reasons why giving to the University is important -- from its position as a bedrock in the St. Louis community, to its history of producing successful graduates, to its broad-based Jesuit education.

“My hope is that Saint Louis University continues to offer the excellent education I enjoy,” she said. “A broad, well-rounded education has made my life richer as I navigate my path through the world.”