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Anne Mulhall, Ph.D.

Department of English


Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, King's College London
M.A. in Comparative Literature, New York University
M.A. in Anglo-Irish Literature, University College Dublin
B.A. in English, University College Dublin

Practice Areas

  • Comparative Literature (with a focus on contemporary French literature)
  • Irish Studies
  • Literature and Philosophy
  • Literature of the Workplace
  • Writing, Rhetoric and New Media

Publications and Media Placements

"The Necrotemporality of the Contemporary French Workplace: Death and Time in Alexandre Lacroix’s L'homme qui aimait trop travailler" (Modern Language Review, forthcoming 2024).

"What is a Conceptual Collective?: Reading Tiqqun with Deleuze and Guattari" (Deleuze and Guattari Studies, forthcoming 2024).

Review of Martin Goodman's Bastards at Work: Universal Lessons on Bullying from Contemporary French Storytelling (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2021), H-France Review 23 (March 2023), no. 40.

"The Deadly Time of Capitalism: Suicide and Plasticity in the French Workplace," MLN 137:4 (2022), 778-800.

"Temporality and Finance in Post-Crash Ireland: Paul Murray's The Mark and the Void." Irish Studies Review 30:3 (2022), 241-258.

"Marcel Duchamp and the Collège de 'Pataphysique,'" (Translation of Marc Décimo's article), in ’Pataphysics Unrolled, ed. by Katie L. Price and Michael R. Taylor. University Park, PA: Penn State Press, 2022.

"Impotentiality in Anne Boyer's Garments Against Women," in "Work: The Labours of Language, Culture, and History in North America," ed. by Sixta Quassdorf and Jesse Ramirez. Tübingen: Narr Francke Attempto Verlag, 2021.

"The Politics of Loitering in Millennial Britain: Tiqqun's 'Rapport à la S.A.S.C concernant un dispositif imperial.'" New Formations: A Journal of Theory, Culture and Politics, 95 (2019), 103-126.

"Bodies in Crisis in the French Literature of the Office: Lydie Salvayre's La Vie commune and Delphine de Vigan's Les Heures souterraines," Modern and Contemporary France, 26:3 (2018), 1-16.

"Resistance and Refusal in the New Literature of the Office: Reading Lydie Salvayre's La Vie commune and Delphine de Vigan's Les Heures souterraines" (2016, Centre of the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing SAS-Space Publication).