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Anya Hillery, Ph.D.

Department of Health Sciences, Nursing and Public Health


B.Sc. (Pharmacy) (First Class Honours; awarded the Trinity College Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement), School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics), Centre for Drug Delivery Research, University College London School of Pharmacy, Brunswick Square, London, UK.

Practice Areas

  • Drug delivery systems
  • Drug targeting
  • Liposomes

Research Interests

The Wellcome Trust. Project Grant (£160,000).
The development of synthetic peptide vaccines, using a novel polymeric vaccine-adjuvant conjugate based on lipoamino acids.

The Wellcome Trust. New Lecturers Grant (£61,010)
Particle-forming properties of lipoamino acid - based systems and their potential use as particulate carriers for oral vaccination using peptide antigens.

Libyan Government. Research Studentship (£60,000)
Formulation of novel anaesthetic gels for bladder catheterisation.

Publications and Media Placements


Drug Delivery: Fundamentals and Applications, Second Edition
Hillery AM, Park K, (eds.) 2016.
CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group. Boca Raton, Florida.
ISBN 978-1482217711

Drug Delivery and Targeting for Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists
Hillery AM, Lloyd AW, Swarbrick J, (eds.) 2001.
Taylor and Francis, London.
ISBN 0-415-27197-5.


Testing for COVID-19 Explained

Journal Articles: Original Research

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Journal Review Articles

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Honors and Awards

Maplethorpe Fellowship Award in the Pharmaceutical Sciences (1/10/1994): 2 years funding for post-doctoral investigations.

Controlled Release Society Award: best presentation at the UK CRS Symposium on Controlled Drug Delivery (8/1/1996).

Syntex Research (UK) Ltd: PhD Scholarship Award (1/10/1991).

Trinity College Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement: best overall results in Trinity College Dublin 1990 Final-Year Examinations (1/7/1990).

Janssen Silver Medal: best final-year project (on the action of blockers at the neuromuscular junction) in the BSc (Pharmacy) Examinations (1/7/1990).