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Beatriz Jordá, Ph.D. (candidate)

Department of English


B.A. Journalism – Carlos III University, Madrid, 2020
M.A. Applied Research to Mass Media – Carlos III University, Madrid, 2021
Ph.D. (candidate) in Communication (Carlos III University, Madrid)

Practice Areas

Following both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, my research focuses on persuasion-based processes in social media around political and social issues. My papers have appeared in journals such as the International Journal of Communication or PLOS ONE.

Publications and Media Placements

Jordá, B., & Goyanes, M. (2022). The Rear Window Effect: How Users Respond to Political Discussions and Persuasive Discourses in Social Media. International Journal of Communication16, 19.

Goyanes, M., De-Marcos, L., Demeter, M., Toth, T., & Jordá, B. (2022). Editorial board interlocking across the social sciences: Modelling the geographic, gender, and institutional representation within and between six academic fields. PloS one17(9), e0273552.

Jordá, B., Cañedo, A., Bene, M., & Goyanes, M. (2021). Out-of-Place content: how repetitive, offensive, and opinion-challenging social media posts shape users’ unfriending strategies in Spain. Social Sciences10(12), 460.