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Carlos A. Segovia, Ph.D.

Division of Humanities


Ph.D., Philosophy, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Practice Areas

  • Contemporary Philosophy, Post-nihilism, Ontology, Epistemology, Modal Philosophy, Philosophy of Mythology, Early Greek Thought.

Research Interests

I work on post-nihilism, meta-conceptuality, and mythophysics against the backdrop of contemporary discussions on contingency, compossibility, and worlding, with special emphasis on early Greek thought, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Félix Guattari. Formerly I have worked on the philosophy of religion and the history and epistemology of religious ideas, with special emphasis on the conceptualisation of hybridity in religious origins as a means to counter present-day religious fundamentalism and xenophobia.

Publications and Media Placements


Polymorph Blog: Rethinking Ideas & Reimagining Worlds

Philosophy 2.0 on Spotify

Latest Publications

Segovia, C. A. Ulysses's Mast: Prolegomena to a New Critical Philosophy. New York: Peter Lang. Under contract. Forthcoming in 2028.

Segovia, C. A. Nietzsche's Pre-Dionysian Apollo and the Limits of Contemporary Thought. Berlin and New York: De Gruyter. Under contract. Forthcoming in 2024–5.

Segovia, C. A. Guattari beyond Guattari: Ontology and Modal Philosophy in Guattari's Major Writings. London and New York. Palgrave Macmillan. Under contract. Forthcoming in 2025.

Genosko, G. & C. A. Segovia, C. A. (eds.). Félix Guattari and the Ancients: Theatrical Dialogues in Early Philosophy. London & New York: Bloomsbury. Under contract. Forthcoming in 2024.

Segovia, C. A. & S. Shaikut Segovia. Dionysus and Apollo after Nihilism: Rethinking the Earth–World Divide. Leiden and Boston: Brill. 2023.

Segovia, C. A. "On Guattari2's Parménide (and Socrate)." In Félix Guattari and the Ancients: Theatrical Dialogues in Early Philosophy, ed. G. Genosko & Carlos A. Segovia. London & New York: Bloomsbury. Forthcoming.

Segovia, C. A. "Guattari's Constructivism (with a Note on Guattari and Deleuze's Divergent Ontologies)." Logos, 2023–4, forthcoming.

Segovia, C. A. "Reality & Thought, Earth & World in Fichte: A (Neo-)structuralist Interpretation of the Wissenschaftslehre of 2018." Fichte Studien (Brill), 52(1), 2023, pp. 256–82.

Segovia, C. A. "Eἶδος⧹Utupë: On the Dissymmetric Reciprocity of the Real and the Symbolic." In Interpretation, Representation, Language: Cross-Cultural, Transhistorical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, ed. F. Bennett. Reims: Éditions et Presses Universitaires de Reims, 2023, pp. 63–95.

Segovia, C. A. (ed.). Conceptual Personae in Ontology = Open Philosophy 5(1), 2022.

"Editorial: Conceptual Personae in Ontology." In Conceptual Personae in Ontology, ed. Carlos A. SEGOVIA = Open Philosophy 5(1), 2022, pp. 699–701.

Segovia, C. A. "Guattari⧹Heidegger: On Quaternities, Deterritorialisation, and Worlding." Deleuze and Guattari Studies 16(4), 2022, pp. 508–28.

Segovia, C. A. "Ontologies and Ecologies of the Otherwise: Notes on Post-development Practices in Malawi." In Communication Justice in the Pluriverse: An International Dialogue, ed. J. Pedro-Caraña, E. Herrera, and J. Ochoa-Almanza. London and New York: Routledge, 2022, Chapter 9.

Segovia, C. A. "Rethinking Dionysus and Apollo: Redrawing Today's Philosophical Board." Open Philosophy 5(1), 2022, pp. 360–80.

Segovia, C. A. & S. Gevorkyan. "Φύσις Penultimate Blink: On Heidegger's Phrase 'Only a God Can Save Us.'" [In Spanish.] Perspectiva filosofica 49(3), 2022, pp. 63–79.

Segovia, C. A. & S. Gevorkyan (eds.). From World of Possibles to Possible Worlds: On Post-nihilism and Dwelling = RDQ 13(1), 2021.

Segovia, C. A. & S. Gevorkyan. "From Worlds of Possibles to Possible Worlds: Dionysos and Apollo after Nihilism." RDQ 13(1), 2021, pp. 46–72.

Segovia, C. A. & S. Gevorkyan. "An Anthropological and Meta-philosophical Critique of Hilan Bensusan’s Indexicalism." Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy 17(2), 2021, pp. 26–44.

Segovia, C. A. "Four Cosmopolitical Ideas for un Unworlded World." In The Apocalyptic Dimensions of Climate Change, ed. J. Alber. Berlin and New York: De Gruyter, 2021, pp. 137–56.

Segovia, C. A. "Fire in Three Images: From Heraclitus to the Anthropocene." Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy 17(3), 2021, pp. 501–21.

Segovia, C. A. "Impromptu: The Alien – Heraclitus Cut." Alienocene: Journal of the First Outernational 10, November 4, 2021.

Segovia, C. A. "'Tupi or Not Tupi – That is the Question': On Semio-cannibalism, Its Variants, and Their Logics." RDQ 11(1), 2021, pp. 45–70.

Segovia, C. A. & S. Gevorkyan. "Earth and World(s): From Heidegger to Contemporary Anthropology." Open Philosophy (De Gruyter), vol. 4 (2021): 58–82.

Segovia, C. A. & S. Gevorkyan. "Paul and the Plea for Contingency in Contemporary Philosophy – A Philosophical and Anthropological Critique." Open Philosophy 3, 2020, pp. 625–56.

Segovia, C. A. "Metaphoric Recursiveness and Ternary Ontology: Another Look at the Language and Worldview of the Yaminahua." Tipití: Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America 17(1), 2021, pp. 66–82.

Segovia, C. A. & S. Gevorkyan. "Post-Heideggerian Drifts: From Object-Oriented-Ontology Worldlessness to Post-Nihilist Worldings." RDQ 9(1), 2020, pp. 3–18.

Segovia, C. A. "Animism Redux: Experimental, Isomeric, Liminal, and Chaosmic." [In Spanish.] Thémata. Revista de Filosofía vol. 60, 2019, pp. 35–48.

Segovia, C. A. "Artaud and the Revolution of the Body: Prologomena to a Transcendental Erotics." [In Spanish.] Ephemera 2(3), 2019: 73–90.

Segovia, C. A. "Re-theorising the Social and Its Models after Lévi-Strauss’s and Pierre Clastres’s Study of Stateless Social Assemblages." Anarchist Studies 27 (2), 2019, pp. 41–60.

Segovia, C. A. "Spinoza and Savage Thought." Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge 35, 2019, pp. 1–11.

Conference Presentations

Segovia, C. A. "Guattari and Structuralism." Séminaire Permanent d’Histoire et de Philosophie du Structuralisme. École normale supérieure, Paris, May 2024.

Segovia, C. A. "Entre maison et cosmos: Guattari au-delà de Deleuze." École lacanienne de psychanalyse, Paris, May 2024.

Segovia, C. A. "Guattari sans Deleuze." École lacanienne de psychanalyse, Paris, March 2024.

Segovia, C. A. "Dionysus & Apollo: From Post-Structuralism (and Speculative Realism) to Post-Nihilism." Tokyo, March 2024.

Segovia, C. A. "Guattari without Deleuze." Ryukoku University, Kyoto, February 2024.

Segovia, C. A. "Philosophical Variations over Chaos: Heraclitus, Guattari, and the Question of What Is Thinking." Ryukoku University, Kyoto, February 2024.

Segovia, C. A. "Plato's Tὸ Ἀγαθόν in Meta-Noetic Perspective: A Reinterpretation in Light of Greek Semantics and Wittgenstein's Tractatus." The "Good" in Plato's Republic. University College London, July 2023.

"Neither Smooth Nor Striated But a Third Kind: Deleuze, Guattari, and the Extra-Modern Politics of Space." 15th International Deleuze and Guattari Studies Conference and Camp. Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade (Serbia), July 2023.

"On the Chaosmic Interplay of Ἀνάγκη & Μοῖρα, Guattari's Forbidden Diagonals, and Schelling's Ur-Ereignis." Guattari 50+30. European University of St. Petersburg & Киберготика метароссии, St. Petersburg & Moscow (Russia), March 2023.

"Εἶδος⧹Utupë, in conversation with Hilan Bensusan." [In Spanish.] (A Philosophy of) Image(s). National University of La Plata (Argentina), April 2022.

"The Common, the Otherwise, and the Plucking of a Non-ontological Daisy: A Conversation with Hilan Bensusan's Indexicalism." (With Sofya Gevorkyan.) Indexicalism: Realism and the Metaphysics of Paradox. Online International Seminar with Jon Cogburn, Graham Harman, Steven Shaviro & al., Edinburgh University Press, September–October 2021.

"Three Cosmopolitical Paradigms." (With Sofya Gevorkyan.) [In Spanish.] International Symposium on Cosmopolitics, National University of La Plata (Argentina), November 2020.

"Animism as an Antidote to Capitalism; or, Why a Mountain Can Become a Lizard as Easily as You and I Can Become Jaguars." [In Spanish.] International Seminar on Peripheral Epistemologies, University of Seville (Spain), June 2019.

"Four Cosmopolitical Ideas for an Unworlded World." International Workshop The Apocalyptic Dimensions of Climate Change and Fluctuating Environments in Scientific Models and Cultural Discourses. University of Aachen (Germany), November 2018.

"On Humanism and the Spirituality of Ethnocide." Colloque L'Humanisme en questions. Centre Interdisciplinaire d'Étude des Religions et de la Laïcité (CIERL), Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Association des sociétés de philosophie de langue française (ASPLF), Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS), and Académie royale de Belgique (ARB), Brussels (Belgium), April 2018.