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Fairouz Medjahed, Ph.D.

Department of Engineering
Programming and Systems


Ph.D., Université Claude Bernard I, Lyon, France
Université des Sciences et Technologies USTHB. Algiers

Practice Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • KDD
  • Data Mining

Publications and Media Placements

"An International E-Learning Strategy: A Collaboratively-Developed Baccalaureate Degree in Computer Information Systems". World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Health Care, and Higher Education , Vol. 2014, No. 1, pp. 576–579, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Oct 27, 2014.

LearningLearning set of First Order rules from Databases,Fourth International Symposium on programming and Systems, Oct 18-20 1999, Algiers.

Scaling up Inductive Learning for Data Mining, Third Eastern-European Conference on advances in Databases and Information Systems-ADBIS'99, Sep 13-16, 1999.

Análisis de Datos Inteligentes: Un enfoque Aplicado, Cintel, Revista Colombiana de Telecomunicaciones, July 1999.