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Hamish Binns

Department of Modern Languages and ESL
Reinert Center Online Teaching Fellow


M.A. and B.A. Human Sciences, Oxford

Practice Areas

  • English as a Second Language
  • Teacher Development
  • Director of the "Extreme Science Experience" summer camp in Villafranca de los Barros
  • Coordinator of the Community ESL Program
  • Coordinator of other Outreach programs and activities related to Admissions, Education and Culture
  • Music, education and creativity

Publications and Media Placements


Binns, H. (2018) Social Science 5 Pupil's Book. Cambridge University Press*

Binns, H. (2018) Social Science 5 Activity Book. Cambridge University Press*

Millares, S. & Binns, H. (2002) Al son de los poetas. Edinumen

* These books, as part of the Cambridge Science Project, were finalists at the 2019 British Council ELTons Innovation awards.

Book Chapters

Binns, H. (2016) Music: why it affects us, how society uses it, and how this knowledge may benefit educators. In Fonseca-Mora, C. & Gant, M. (Ed.s) Melodies, Rhythm and Cognition in Foreign Language Learning, pp.7-23. Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Journal Articles

Binns, H. (2021). Professors, stop pretending that you never cheat. Times Higher Education, 10 June, 2021

Binns, H. (2006). The Hidden Powers of Music. Music for the Love of it, August 2006

Binns, H. (2006). The Hidden Powers of Music. Music for the Love of it, August 2006

Conference Proceedings

San Martín, A & Binns, H. (2000) España y Hispanoamérica a través de su música: un método para aprender vocabulario en el aula de ELE. Actas de II congreso internacional de ASELE, Zaragoza

Website a site, dedicated to music for education, that includes an audiovisual encyclopedia of instruments as well as a collection of homemade instruments made from recycled materials with instructions for teachers.


Finis Terrae Kids (2015) Seis pingüinos. Mondegreen Records

Finis Terrae (2005) El Canto de la Mulata Rusa. Sonifolk

Hamish Binns y Finis Terrae (2002) Al son de los poetas. Sonifolk/ Edinumen

Finis Terrae (2005) Gente paseando por la calle. Sonifolk

Hamish Binns y Rafael Domínguez (2001) Los cuatro puntos cardinales son tres: el norte y el sur. Sonifolk

Finis Terrae (1998) Un milonguero busca asilo en Rusia. Sonifolk