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Iván Sánchez, Ph.D.

Department of Natural Sciences
Earth Sciences


1994 Graduate in Sciences (Biology): Environmental Sciences (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Doctorate courses in Aarhus University (Denmark) and Liverpool University (UK).
2001 Ph.D by the Ecology and Environmental Sciences Department (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). 
Ph.D Dissertation (Earth and Environmental Sciences): Adaptations to Climate Change through the Spatial Structure of the Vegetation.
Extend stays in: Aarhus University (Denmark), Viña del Mar University (Chile) and Oruro University (Bolivia).

Practice Areas

  • Environmental Changes in Cultural Landscapes
  • Sustainable Development of Latin America 
  • Environmental Management of Coastal Ecosystems
  • Conservation Biology and Sustainability in Africa

Publications and Media Placements

Sánchez I. A. &. Angeler D. G. 2005. A conceptual model of exotic crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) effects on charophyte propagule banks in wetlands. Revista Latinoamericana de Recursos Naturales 1: 65-71

Sánchez I.A., A.R. Birkeland, AR and J.I. Jackson. 2005. Hedgerows conservation in central Spanish landscapes: population perception and protection policy McCollin, D. & J.I. Jackson (eds). Planning, People and Practice. The Landscape Ecology of Sustainable Landscapes. International Association for Landscape Ecology (UK). Pp. 249-252. 

Schmitz, M.F., Sanchez, I.A., de Aranzabal, I. 2007. Influence of management regimes of adjacent land uses on the woody plant richness of hedgerows in Spanish cultural landscapes. Biological Conservation 135: 542-554.

Sánchez, I.A., Juan B. Gallego-Fernandez, J.B., Ley C. 2007. Plant colonization after foredune construction over dredged and wind-born sand sediments in Basque Country, North Spain. International Conference on Management and Restoration of Coastal Dunes. Santander, Spain.

Ormeño, E., Céspedes, B. Sánchez, I.A. Velasco-García, A., Moreno, J.M., Fernandez, C. Baldy, V. 2008. The relationship between terpenes and flammability of leaf litter. Forest Ecology and Management 257: 471-482.

Sánchez, I.A., Lassaletta, L., McCollin, D., Bunce R.G. H. 2010. The effect of hedgerow loss on microclimate in the Mediterranean region: an investigation in Central Spain. Agroforestry Systems 78: 13-25.

Gallego-Fernández, J.B., Sánchez, I.A., Ley, C. 2011. Restoration of isolated and small coastal sand dunes on the rocky coast of northern Spain. Ecological Engineering 37: 1822-1832.

Sánchez, I.A. 2011. Ecología de las Regiones Naturales de América del Sur. Lynx Editions-UCLM. (peer reviewed)

Sanchez, IA & McCollin, D 2015. A comparison of microclimate and environmental modification produced by hedgerows and dehesa in the Mediterranean region: a study in the Guadarrama region, Spain. Landscape and Urban Planning 143: 230-237.

Schmitz, M. F., Herrero-Jáuregui, C., Arnaiz-Schmitz, C., Sánchez, I. A., Rescia, A. J., and Pineda, F. D. (2016) Evaluating the Role of a Protected Area on Hedgerow Conservation: The Case of a Spanish Cultural Landscape. Land Degrad. Develop., doi: 10.1002/ldr.2659.

Article in process: Sanchez, IA & McCollin Changes in hedgerow composition in Mediterranean cultural landscapes.

Book in process: Sanchez IA The Ecology of the Natural Regions of Continental Africa.